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Customs airport in N. Germany needed

I plan to fly from Wick Scotland (EGPC) to the Berlin area (EDAY or EDAZ) and will need to clear customs in N. Germany on the way. Some large-looking airports near the flight path are Hamburg EDDH and Bremen EDDW.

Can anyone suggest an easy and inexpensive airport for customs clearance as point of entry?

And can anyone help me understand where to find this information myself, preferably with links? I’m new to European flying (US pilot) and the learning curve is steep.

Many thanks

EHLE, Netherlands

Do you have to land before your destination for fuel? If not, EDAZ has customs and immigration, free of charge, just PNR 2h. Same for EDAY, customs/immigration free of charge with PNR.

In Germany, a lot of small GA airfields have full customs/immigration, no need to go to a big airport.

PS: Coming from Scotland (EU but not Schengen), all you need is an airfield with immigration, no need for customs. A lot more German airfields have immigration without customs.

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achimha wrote:

EDAZ has customs and immigration, free of charge

Excellent, that makes this unbelievably easy! Now where would I find that information in the future?

EHLE, Netherlands



Best source is usually the airfield’s web page. Much better than AIP or any of the databases.

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Is there a general source for this kind of information rather than trying to find any airport’s own web page?
EDIT: I see your note.. AIP.. how do I find this information? Sorry for the very basic question

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EHLE, Netherlands

This topic is a hot one in Europe… I have just started this thread.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

I have just started this thread.

Thanks Peter

EHLE, Netherlands

EDAY is a very nice airport with accommodation, refueling and customs/ immigration whatever you want. My base is 5NM out of EDAY. If you intend to visit Berlin I would be happy to help you. I’m a Berliner! My TB20 gets only fuel for 1.99€, If you want, I can show you this place. It’s very, very close to EDAY.
welcome to Berlin


Berlin, Germany

Nick, to answer your question: if you want an overview of German airfields that offer immigration, then you either have to get the Germam AIP VFR (published by DFS) or get the Jeppesen Airfield Manual (both you have to pay for).

The German Border Police also used to publish a very handy lost of border crossing points on their website, but that doc has long been pulled. I have it locally on my ipad, but it’s outdated by now.

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Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Ended up landing today at EDAZ. I had planned EDAY but when I called them they said they needed to organize with the police to do a border control check (coming from Wick, Scotland) and it would take some time to get confirmation from them. While waiting for them to email me the form to get started I called EDAZ and they said sure, just come any time, no problem. We filed (no small feat, with the help of Drew from Far North) and left for EDAZ. Super easy on arrival. Drove us to the train station and we were in Berlin in an hour and a half from touchdown.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions! Will report back more about fees when I leave.

EHLE, Netherlands
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