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Door seal (TB20 G1)

I need for my TB 20 SN 523 a new Door Seal, about 10 m ..
I had bought a similar door seal which is fine for the bag door but
not good enough for the doors left and right. Is there someone who can help me.

Berlin, Germany

AFAIK the P/N is the same Socata part for all TBs.

What is the problem?

One issue with replacing the door seal is that the original seal was glued with some hard-setting glue and when you remove it, this glue stays behind and prevents the new seal sealing to the airframe. It will seal to the door allright but it will leak on the airframe side. One has to dry it all out and put sealant there. I use Sicaflex 295.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The problem is the profile of seal.
I need the original profile. My substitute is good for bag door.
Left is substitute right is original.

Berlin, Germany

What is the actual problem?

I changed my door seals recently and it was the type on the left, too. The one with the metal strip inside.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Where can I get it? The left one doesn’t seal tight enough.

Last Edited by Thomas at 01 Sep 21:24
Berlin, Germany

EUTRAS Kantenschutzprofile are available on Amazon in a variety of widths and attached seals (I used KSD2056)
Apart from the old sealant which Peter already mentioned, I found the key challenge to be the changes in material thickness around the door.
From a thin part like the baggage door (or thinner?) to 3 or so mm in the upper part. Hard work to get the seals on – my experience at >30degC with “soft/flexible” seals

And you will always have a gap where the locking mechanism catches.

BTW mine have been sufficiently watertight – a departure in pouring rain recently made me test in involuntarily.

Last Edited by ch.ess at 02 Sep 10:34
EDM_, Germany

I got mine from Socata.

The left one doesn’t seal tight enough.

Is there water coming in, or can you see a lack of contact between the seal and the door?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I can see a lack at the door lock. The contact between door and seal is perfect.
The P- is too short. The belly is enough.
But before I order from socata I’ll try is with door seal DS 9.

Berlin, Germany
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