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ECAC Status for homebuilt / experimental (flight privileges within Europe)

Cobalt wrote:

how about Night VFR and IFR (which is outside the ECAC recommendation)?

As far as I understand it, the ECAC recommendation does only state to accept foreign homebuilts with the restrictions of their respective CofA/permit, but as gallois, Raiz, and LeSving point out, every country is free to impose additional restrictions (e.g. France, Germany no IFR AIUI). For what I would see are “corner cases”, one would start with LeSving’s excellent work from the beginning of the thread.

The map of course is very incomplete, but at least the green area is unproblematic for also spontaneous trips such as Quiberon last weekend; while the acquisition of an overflight permit for other states might not be too cumbersome as such, it seriously spoils weather-dependent planning. But as I said, it’s not a bad situation even for simple day-VFR since inter alia the complete Alpine region, nice parts of the Mediterranean, and contiguous Scandinavia are easily accessible just as for ICAO-CofA aircraft

EHRD / Rotterdam

Peter wrote:

very few homebuilts in Europe are themselves legal for IFR; most have a VFR-only restriction on their permit

This is not correct. This is a UK-only thing, if anything. The aircraft isn’t restricted in anything but instruments and avionics (maybe also engine in France, where a certified engine is needed, according to what the “internet” has said ) There may be national regulations for operation, national variations of Part NCO, and these regulations could restrict operation. This is very much against the ECAC recommendation (not the French one if correct). In the Nordic countries, no such restrictions exist for instance, and that is true several other places.


My 5 cents of knowledge regarding portugal.
From the local chapter of the EAA,, I managed to get the information that currently, in theory one should get an authorization from the ANAC (portuguese CAA), which in practice is not needed because nobody checks.
What they recommended me to do is to send an authorization request to the following e-mail address: [email protected] and request an authorization or information on how to get one.
Result is that you won’t get an answer. The absence of an answer means that one is authorized to enter and operate the ACFT in the country.
By the way, does anyone has some experience with the former yugoslavian republics (serbia, bosnia, kosovo, etc) that aren’t mentioned in Sebastian’s map?
What about romania, bulgaria and ucraine?? Does anyone has an idea about the procedures to get in there?


Last I heard, nobody cares what you do down there

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

For Romania and Bulgaria, I requested some 10 years ago. Was very easy and got it in a matter of days. Look at the AIP for whom to contact.
Ukraine is unpredictable as always! Basic information is in the AIP but the local CAA is making it complex. I can support you when you have concrete plans.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

An LN-reg Vans RV based in Belgium;
Would that be legal?
Would it be ok to fly into France/Germany/UK occasionally?


DanBlasier wrote:

An LN-reg Vans RV based in Belgium;
Would that be legal?
Would it be ok to fly into France/Germany/UK occasionally?

I can’t comment about the legality of owning a Norwegian registered plane in Belgium but as the plane would be registered to an ECAC member state, there shouldn’t be an issue flying to France, Germany or UK with it.

EDL*, Germany

You can have a LN reg aircraft of any kind anywhere in the world as far as Norwegian regs go. Then there are local laws.


Very few (any?) countries restrict residence of an aircraft of their registry to their own country. They basically cannot do so.

The entire “permit required” matrix is based on local regs and foreign reg planes.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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