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EDVK, EDHD, ...?

I’ll be visiting my mother in one of the clinics in Bad Sooden/Allendorf next weekend. I should be flying in if weather permits.

The obvious choice is Kassel Airport EDVK. A slightly more conveniently located option (with bad reviews as far as I can tell) is Göttingen/Heiligenstadt EDHD.

Everything else seems to be glider/UL only.

Any advice what to choose? I’ll be picked up by car, so public transport is not a factor.

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

Kassel! If for no other reason,then just to visit your tax money (over 250M€, maybe a lot more, have been buried there during the last couple of years!)
But kidding apart, EDVK is a real nice airport with good GA facilities and very friendly staff. All weather, day and night, everything. No idea what they charge for a single, but it’s worth it.

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EDDS - Stuttgart

EDVK is the big airport for small planes. They even give discounts:


2.1.3 Sonderregelungen
Für Schul- und Einweisungsflüge reduziert sich das Start- und Landeentgelt um 30% gegenüber den o.g. Werten.
Im Fall von Touch- and-Go-Flügen ist nur die erste, die fünfte, die zehnte (usw.) Flugbewegung entgeltpflichtig.
Beide Ermäßigungen gelten nur für lärmreduzierte Luftfahrzeuge. Beide Ermäßigungen können nicht kombiniert werden.

You get 30% on training flights and for touch and go you only pay for the first and then every fifth landing, if your aircraft is quite.

I’ve landed there a few times in the past with a rented SR22 but I can’t remember how much they charged. Their price list (see URL above) shows under 2.1.2 quite small numbers. Within weeks I will be based there for real and then I’m going to be the local – again.

Frequent travels around Europe

Does anyone have any experience with EDHD? Are they as bad as the few reviews I found online make them out to be?

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany
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