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Embraer loses instruments over Lisbon

This looks terrifying. I wonder if anyone knows more about this. From the rough translation from Google I understand that they lost (all?) instruments and (some?) controls and that F16s intercepted them to assist with a landing at Beja airport. They were even considering ditching at some point?

From the maneuvering in the picture below I am amazed how they even regained control of the aircraft. The passengers must have experienced some serious Gs.

Mayday call at 3:57:


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I trimmed out the audio and used high-pass filter on parts with loud low frequency noises. It is clear now that they could not control the airplane. Cred to the pilots for not crashing after 2 minutes! Here is the audio:


Would they not normally take the Mayday to a discrete frequency?

Maybe they lost everything and could not change frequency? Or simply the ATC didn’t want to overload them.


Fuji_Abound wrote:

Would they not normally take the Mayday to a discrete frequency?

My understanding (from another forum) is that ATC switched everyone else to another frequency. In any case – this must have been some horror ride ! Amazing job by the pilots, glad they made it down safely.

Scary event. Glad they made it.

Sweden, Sweden

Claims on PPRuNe that the aileron controls were reversed.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Airborne_Again wrote:

Claims on PPRuNe that the aileron controls were reversed.

If that is the case, it could have been spotted with proper preflight checks. I always stop for a couple of seconds and think of which direction should my ailerons turn during the preflight checks. I started doing this after reading about a fatal GA accident due to this, cannot find reference right now.


I don’t think the pilots can see the control surfaces from the cockpit.

However, is this a FBW aircraft? If so, it would perhaps have some position feedback from the control surfaces. Or maybe it is totally open-loop? That would surprise me…

There are videos of reversed control surface crashes (on non-FBW aircraft) and they usually happen immediately after takeoff.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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