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Epernay LFSW

boscomantico wrote:

I would say no. Not a single word about that in the VAC or NOTAM.

Sorry. Only VFR night is restricted.

Last Edited by Aviathor at 19 Apr 10:08

Thanks Aviathor, yes I just saw that too.

It also looks like cash is accepted for fuel but I won’t take any chances just in case

North Weald, United Kingdom

jgmusic wrote:

It also looks like cash is accepted for fuel

The thing is that you need to find someone willing to do the transaction. If they are all busy flying or launching gliders, or out for lunch, do not count on it. And they will be very crossed if you “demand” fuel. This is most probably a service they offer benevolently. I know of an aerodrome where they told me in no uncertain terms that they stopped advertising fuel on the VAC because they were too many pilots turning up demanding to be served in a hurry.

So don’t count on fuel being available, and plan to have enough to go somewhere where you are assured to get fuel.


Good advice; thanks!

North Weald, United Kingdom

Nice little field.

If you are into champagne, you can call the nearby champagne house Dhondt-Grellet up front and they will pick you up for tasting or to deliver the bottles at your airplane.
The owner is a pilot himself.

See my experience on:


Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, LFQQ western Belgium, north France, Belgium

Great post, Niner_Mike. Sadly I missed this before I flew, but I will make a note of Dhont-Grellet for a future visit!

Thanks to all for the helpful tips. The trip to Epernay was lovely – huge grass strips (reminded me of White Waltham) and super-friendly service. It’s definitely ‘ouvert a la CAP’ and I even paid cash for fuel with the airfield’s Total card. They couldn’t have been more hospitable. They also serve a great Leffe on tap

Will definitely return.

North Weald, United Kingdom
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