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EuroGA fly-in - Venice Lido LIPV, 18/19 May 2019

You can get a pretty good idea several days ahead by looking at the MSLP chart, the really great, etc.

For every 10kt of wind you want to be at least 1000ft above the peaks.

In my many Alps crossings I have never had any turbulence.

It is actually the same issue for IFR.

The best way is to set aside 2-3 preceeding days and then you get a near 100% chance of getting away. If your wife comes by airline, she will be happy anyway (the apartment can be booked) and you will be happier because she is not putting you under any pressure.

Isn’t Brenner a fair bit to the west? I have a bit of that area is my Bolzano video, in the return flight portion which starts around 40:00

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Flew in and over the alps during foehn last week in 9500‘, winds around 25kts – no turbulence at all but it is hit or miss, very difficult to predict. Lenti clouds over the peaks can be an indicator of turbulence.
9500 is fine for crossing in VMC and avoiding the small number of higher peaks in that area visually. EDDH-LIPV you can cross LOWI CTR then follow the Highway south via Brenner to Brixen and then east to Cortina then south to LIDB and then it becomes flat. For contingency a routing above the GAFOR routes helps if peace of mind is an issue.

CB IR Instruction

Peter wrote:

“Mountain flying” is the usual term for flying inside the canyons, sometimes under a cloudbase. Nobody should do that unless they know the area and exactly what they are doing.

Just one suggestion in regards to mountain flying – you can practice GAFOR routes pretty realistically in Google Earth, locate the entrance point of the route, and skew the view to get a horizontal view and set the “eye altitude” to whatever altitude is published for that route, it will look something like this:

Now you can just click an move around with your mouse, scroll to change altitude, with that you can have a pretty realistic experience of the route. It’s very easy to get lost or to take a wrong turn in a dead end, but with this method you can practice the route numerous times and once you are in an airplane it will feel that you have already know everything and you will have no problems with navigating.

Last Edited by dvukovic at 18 Nov 12:43
Belgrade LYBE, Serbia

One danger is getting lost, another danger is catabatic winds. I would only fly over Alps at least 2000 feet over the tops and probably more if I see lenticular clouds, and that requires oxygen so I’d rather go around.

Thanks to Snoopy and Peter for the inspiring feedback. I will certainly attempt to be there in may.

@dvukovic : good idea for preparation, even though I’d personally want to avoid flying through the valleys if possible.

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim

Flying over the alps is no big deal in good wx, I repeat good wx. The airspace area north of LIPV looke difficult but it isn’t, just call and request to cross the ctrs low level.

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May I book an option for a seat in your plane Snoopy ?
I plan to fly to Duxford Air Festival with friends but it’s not sure yet.
I would be happy to be your copilot medewok but I wouldn’t be of a great help, having no mountain experience. Maybe you can pick up Mooney Driver on the way ?

Sure @jujupilote ! Do we have a date yet?

CB IR Instruction

Sounds great; LIPV – Lido – San Nicolo, is on my 2DO list; if every thing will hold until then, I’m in, (fingers crossed).
Saying that, I would prefer to be a bit earlier since the weather in southern Europe is more stable in the beginning of May than in the end of May.
That means, the risk for a VFR flight to get grounded and wait for good weather on small grass field should be less.
This rule usually apply on the return flights

Snoopy wrote:

First high up over the Slovenian alps then follow the coast below 1000‘ from Ronchi via Grado, Lignano, Caorle…

@Snoppy what exactly are your legs over Slovenian Alps ?
May plans, (from Sweden), is to go a bit more east and then over Maribor and Ljubljana to LIPV.

ES?? - Sweden

Can anyone not do middle of May?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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