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EuroGA La Rochelle Fly-In - May 2013

How many will actually be coming to the La Rochelle fly-in? Please post here or email me to [email protected]

There is no "social programme" being organised but I am sure those who plan to be there would like to have an idea whether it will be 10 or 20 etc.

Also does anybody have any preferences on where/when to meet up? It would seem logical to get together on Saturday evening.

Hotels are getting full. St Nicholas is gone, for example.

Obviously I am not going to make weather decisions for others (all being qualified pilots) but "somebody" must decide whether to cancel it, if it appears the weather will be sub-VFR, at La Rochelle or likely routes in or out.

So knowing which country people are coming from will be essential. I propose to make the Go/Cancel decision on the Wednesday, which will allow hotels etc to be cancelled.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Is it still 18/19 May with 25/26 as a backup?

I cant do 18/19 as I have a university commitment, but I'd try and find myself a co-pilot for 25/26. I planned to do La Rochelle sometime late May / early June anyhow.

Peter, I am still planning on the first weekend if that works but may be between aircraft. Otherwise will be there.

EGTK Oxford

Is it still 18/19 May with 25/26 as a backup?


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Worth a mention that a Socata TB fly-in, scheduled for the weekend of 25th May, has been cancelled due to insufficient interest. It was going to be Wolverhampton (UK). Well, Wolverhampton is not anything like La Rochelle

I wonder which TB owners are coming to ours?

When EuroGA was started, I emailed several hundred TB owners whose emails I had, but I suspect most of the ~3000 people I then emailed are unaware of EuroGA's subsequent success.

Those who want to come - I suggest you get onto booking hotels. It's a bank holiday weekend (Monday 20th) in France, next weekend, so things are likely to be quite busy.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I am still planning on coming from UK, Kemble area VFR. Long way off weather-wise, but no settled period on the horizon, the best hope is for a window on the day.

United Kingdom

A fly in to Wolverhampton. Wow - how did that get through a committee?

EGTK Oxford

Well, I booked the hotel already some time ago for La Rochelle as I was also there at Calais. Hope more will come to join us this time that we had showing up at Calais :-)

EDLE, Netherlands

My plane will be in for a pre-buy as I am likely selling it. The replacement will be going through the same thing so unfortunately I am going to have to miss the trip.Apologies. more on the new one shortly.

EGTK Oxford

JasonC, I am going to try and go and will, in all likelihood, be going alone in a Saratoga out of Wycombe, so have 5 seats empty...?

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