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EVRA - Kaliningrad transit

We have a trip to Riga / EVRA coming up. What is the latest situation regarding transit of the Kaliningrad area? We are IFR and is it still valid that a transit over the international waters is easy while a flight over land is difficult and they might charge crazy amounts?

Any recent experiences with ground handling at EVRA for 2tons MTOW? Apparently there is RIX Ground Handling and Havas Latvia to choose.

Dont have experience with Kaliningrad but I have read the same.
EVRA with RIX Ground handling was 220EUR for 2tons and 1 day parking last november and not great service (slow). EVRS was 10EUR and quicker to get to and from the city center. I would use EVRS if weather is good.



I recently ferry my aircraft from Finland to Cyprus with a first leg EFKU – EPMO. I also avoided overfly Kaliningrad, not only due to possible charges but I read that you need to submit a formal request with ARC, insurance and whatever they require.

LPSR, Portugal

lmsl1967 hope you share a brief trip report, Finland to Cyprus sounds an interesting flight.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)

I started something ……. will try to finalize it. But making a long story short, I had a few challenging episodes, sunshine in Finland but ending up at an hospital for severe food poisoning and being unable to fly, while when I recover the weather was not good anymore (even for IFR due to likely ice), a stubborn magneto in LRAR grounding me for 1 day, etc.

LPSR, Portugal

I’ve recently overflown Kaliningrad FIR and for my aircraft (MTOM 3354) the charge was 16,30 USD per 100km. I’ve only flown 73 km and paid 16.30. Invoice comes by e-mail. One can pay with wire transfer or credit card.


Anyone ever land there?


My father did. In the mid-nineties. An adventure at the time.
It’s Russia, so all the usual complications (visa, permits, fees, difficult communication, no avgas) apply.
Anyway, the city is not worth it. Very little to see or do.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

loco wrote:

I’ve recently overflown Kaliningrad FIR

Hi Loco. Could you say what part of Karliningrad you overflew? What pre-flight preparations were needed?

I’m interested because I’ve flown Tallinn – Poland – UK a number of times VFR studiously avoiding Kaliningrad.

Incidentally I was at Spilve EVRS last year and found it perfectly OK, although the abandoned terminal building would make a good set for the next Jurassic Park movie!

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EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

Aveling wrote:

Hi Loco. Could you say what part of Karliningrad you overflew? What pre-flight preparations were needed?

Hi @Aveling . It was just a small part over the Baltic. I wasn’t even aware that I would be flying in Kaliningrad FIR until I got transferred to their frequency. Later I got a bill by e-mail. It was the same agency that emails bills when I fly to main part of Russia. There were no preparations. Just a flight plan from EFIV to EPPO. I don’t know if it’s the same for VFR.

Here’s the route:

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