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Excise tax on Jet-A1

I was recently on a trip to Germany and Austria and have received a BP fuel bill which is very high from Friedrichshafen EDNY) with an excuse tax of 0,65 € per liter Jet-A1 which brings the price to 1,58 €/l which is way more than we pay in France (exempted from excise).

I am curious about what Jet-A1 jockeys like @aart, @Emir and @JasonC pay for fuel across Europe and whether there are ways of being exempted from excise.


Not unless you are on an AOC can you avoid. Germany is the worst place in Western Europe for taxing Jet-A1 to death in my experience. It almost ends up costing as much as UK Avgas!

EGTK Oxford

Actually, 1,58€ is quite low for German standards. It’s usually just under 2 € and some places are even slightly above 2 €! Germany is the highest in Europe, followed by Italy and the Netherlands I believe.

Luxembourg is the lowest at 0.47€ currently.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

Actually, 1,58€ is quite low for German standards.

Does it help if I add that 1,58 is w/o VAT? Sorry for omitting that.

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Again – you can never have enough range. That way you can tanker and bypass delusional tax happy countries.

Does it help if I add that 1,58 is w/o VAT?

I suspected so. Puts it right up there into the normal ballpark for Germany.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany



this is the price at my local airfiel in germany incl VAT Energiesteuer = energy tax

AvGas 100 LL / Energiesteuerbefreit 2,11 € / 1,25 € /ltr.
Jet A1 / Energiesteuerbefreit 1,76 € / 0,99 € /ltr.


Not having AOC I pay full price of Jet A1 but the difference between countries is huge. In Croatia it’s around 1€ (excise and VAT included), in Slovenia 1.2€, in Serbia 0.4€ (no excise and no VAT for foreign aircraft), in Germany I paid 2.3€ (at EDNY), in Spain close to 2€, in France 1.6€ …

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

FWIW, in Poland the prices for a litre of JetA1 with all taxes included is around 1EUR, 100LL is 2.5EUR – roughly and approximately, of course.
For current pricing / reference see: – the prices are without VAT, which is 23%; the rightmost two columns include excise tax, the other two do not.

EPKP - Kraków, Poland
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