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Experimental Time Building? (and certified avionics requirements)

A well equipped and maintained Jodel DR1050 should sell, but your problem would be getting hangarage. It could be night and IMC permitted.
You could form a syndicate, then either keep your share, ( 1/6 say of buying cost) or sell your share.

EGPE, United Kingdom

You are talking about a gem like this one as it ticks all touring, tailwheel and night/imc boxes:

But for this you have to see one being sold in the first place, in my comment I was more referring to sub-10K jodels…

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

IMC is not a big deal for me, at this point.

What I NEED:
Two seats.
Ability to accredit time, probably with German CAA.
Night capabilities.

What would be great to have:
IMC capabilities.
More seats.

Obviously price is an issue.
I am more than willing to start/join a syndicate.

What I am really trying to get to here is to see whether it’s possible to buy something to have more freedom in my travels during time building. Since price is definetly a deciding factor for me, that would probably mean experimental. I have no problem with that, I just want to make sure the CAA doesn’t, either.

For example, I saw a sub-10K€ Murphy Renegade. That would be a GREAT option for me.

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I just want to make sure the CAA doesn’t, either.

I think you would be better off asking the CAA in question. They are the only one who can give you a definite answer


LeSving wrote:

I think you would be better off asking the CAA in question

Ask twice as well, I know a friend who got an answer for “someone in UK CAA” that he can use TMG (=motor-glider) hours for his CPL 200h totals (told him very early, not all of them just few, as TMG is different “class/type” than SEP) but he later discovered only 30h will count

As far I can see a Renegade in the UK register are SEP(land), so their hours will count for CPL but not sure about the ones in German register?

With few exceptions like DR1050, most of what is on PtF seems as “bad compromise” when one look to combine £/hour, vfr, ifr, night, tailweel, touring, 4 seats….just on aerodynamics, you either fly “min sink” (efficient flight for max time) or “max glide” (efficient flight for max distance), the former builds cheap hours the latter get you cheap trips away

ESSEX, United Kingdom

I will shoot them an email, thanks!
Is anybody here flying an experimental in Germany?


German CAA doesnt allow NVFR and IFR (IMC) in experimental aircraft, afaik the US FAA is the only one allowing this.

LOAN, Austria

look696 wrote:

afaik the US FAA is the only one allowing this.

Is not about allowing. It’s about not applying unnecessary and useless restrictions on an airplane based solely on quasi-theoretical nonsense. Norway, Sweden, Finland no problem, as is the case for many other countries in Europe. As far as ATC/airspace is concerned, this is purely a matter of having avionics adhering to airspace requirements. This means there is no way to fly IFR without certified navigational equipment for the chosen airspace. Some airspaces have no special requirements however. Just as true in the US as it is all over Europe.


as it is all over Europe.

Hmmm, no.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Well, explain.

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