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Extra 400 upgrade project - call for advice

Flyingfish wrote:

"Can you think of something in the BOTTOM end (crankshaft, bearingsā€¦)



While waiting I am now working on the web site “” which is intended to share info about this aircraft (and the 500).

I’m looking for facts to compare with 350 HP Mirages and instead of copy/pasting journalist BS, wanted some real world PIREPs.

- empty weight of a fully specced PA46 (radar, TCAS, etc..)
- climb and cruise settings and performance
- how do you manage descent in a PA46 (I am trying to figure out how big of a deal the Extra’s “fast” descent capability is and whether it represents a significant gain in trip time and fuel burn).

And then some non-factual “like/dislike” stories.


LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

It may be better to start a thread for the E400 under Aircraft.

I don’t want to move this great thread there because it is IMHO more maintenance related.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Update Feb. 22nd 2017
We removed all six cylinders and did a full top overhaul using RAM cylinders with the Nikasil coating.
Replaced all 12 spark plugs and had a specialist check the cabling.
We changed the coolant mixture to 30% Glycol which helped in heat transfer.
Engine is running smooth and we did some ground tests that showed impressive power/acceleration.
Waiting for a weather window to fly…
Cross your fingers!

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Update Feb 23rd 2017
25 minute test flight in difficult weather today.
Engine running smooth and powerful. Nice sound and very little vibration as of 1000 RPM.
Only small problem is that nose gear doors were not fully closed.
We observed 150 KTAS at 1800 ft on 62 liters /hour.
Was a short flight. Weather should improve tomorrow and I am hoping to take her high in the flight levels.
Stay tuned :-)

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

good luck Flyingfish.

I agree with Peter, a write up on the Extra would be very welcome. Maybe once you have had the chance to fly it properly for a while…

LSZH, Switzerland

Flyingfish wrote:

We observed 150 KTAS at 1800 ft on 62 liters /hour.

You would be advised to run it hard, ie. minimum 75%, and relatively rich to keep the CHT’s in line, when breaking in the cylinder rings.

62 ltrs ( 16.4 gals) / hour is probably dangerously lean @ 75% or maybe you’re running it @ 60% power, which IMO is too low .

Last Edited by Michael at 24 Feb 07:04

@Michael: thanks, agree about running it hard. We had very turbulent air and 2000 ft ceiling so it was not possible, which is why we aborted the flight (25 min from startup to shutdown, including 3-4 minutes spooldown and turbine cooling).
We had low power (maybe 60%) and I did not lean too aggressively. TIT was 1600 F and CHT were all OK (260 max).
We also had a special coolant mixture (30% glycol) to improve heat transfer – worked very well. Coolant temp was also OK.
Hoping to make a better flight today.

break break !

@Mooney_Driver : thanks for your wishes. Btw I already did a little write-up in the Aircraft section.
As soon as the rebuild is completed, I will resume work on “”.
I am chasing the key people behind all phases of the project. Very successful so far!

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland
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