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Ferry Flight From Kansas to Doncaster (Cessna M2)

Just taken delivery of our new aircraft from Cessna and this is a short blog on our ferry flight back to UK

Hope you find it interesting, we certainly did!

Last Edited by PhilTheFlyer at 08 Oct 23:32
Flying a Commander 114B
Sleap EGCV Hawarden EGNR

Nice one, Phil! Must be lovely to fly the M2 – it’s a great performer. Cessna has always delivered in the light jet segment and they’re hard to beat. I’d love to do that trip one day.

What you going to use aircraft for – business or personal or a bit of both?

We have it under an AOC with a charter operator and expect to fly around 300 hours per year split between charter and private, its jointly owned by myself and my business partner through a UK LLP

Cessna support was amazing to be honest, very impressed so far…

Flying a Commander 114B
Sleap EGCV Hawarden EGNR

Very interesting trip report thanks for sharing!

Airline/Mentor/Safety/Instructor - Pilot
Based Austria | Operating Worldwide

Great report, thanks for sharing!

Great read! Thanks a lot!

Sweden, Sweden

Many thanks

Any reason you chose Doncaster as your arrival point in the UK?

Because that’s where Cessna’s UK Citation service centre is?

correct ! and handy for the CAA inspection, she will be based in Hawarden EGNR

Last Edited by PhilTheFlyer at 09 Oct 09:10
Flying a Commander 114B
Sleap EGCV Hawarden EGNR

Nice plane Phil

Look forward to seeing some heavy metal on our next fly-in! Spain?

The Doncaster Cessna centre did the best spray job I have ever seen, on some CJ which I was due to fly in RHS to Iceland a couple of years ago (the flight got cancelled by the client).

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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