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Flight Review in Sweden (FAA CFI around?)


Just trying to get current again after not having touched an airplane in about 3 years. Need to get a Flight Review, but having trouble finding an FAA CFI in Sweden. Anyone know of an FAA CFI in the nordics?

Trying to find a more cost-effective way of doing this than flying to Florida :)

Suggestions greatly appreciated.


Usually, where there is an N-reg aircraft (for rent), there is some CFI in the vicinity, no?

Or do you want to do that in an EASA reg plane? In that case, I guess you would actually need an instructor with dual instructor ratings. EASA FI to make the flight legal, FAA CFI to sign off the Flight Review.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

That would be true if in the country in question an FAA license is no good for flying the local-reg (EASA reg) plane.

In the UK one could fly a G-reg on any ICAO PPL, but I believe (could well be wrong) that this ended c. 2012 and is now available only for non-EASA (basically non certified) types.

There are quite a lot of CAA CFIs around. Every N-reg pilot needs a BFR every 2 years. I know one but I doubt he would travel to Sweden.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Have you checked in Västerås? SAA should have some instructors that have been in the US.


Use the pilot database search, adding Sweden as country:
Put it at 100 or whatever longer list of registrations to get them all.
You could also try putting 2017, 2018 etc in the CFI expiration year.



If anyone interested in future,,,
I can do flight reviews and IPC checks in Sweden or Norway. We can do it in my DA42 (or your own aircraft)
I’m an FAA CFI / CFII / MEI,
(email, [email protected])

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