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Flying in southern Italy

Hi all new to this, doing the Malta Air Rally this year, anybody had experience recently of Avgas availability in Italy especially southern Italy.

Any suggestions of a routing or where not to route?

Hi, you could consider LIRI Salerno. I did a tech stop there a couple of months ago on the way from Malta to Cannes. LIRI was friendly and reasonably priced, at a stunning location on the Amalfi coast. See AIP for details; for PPR and confirmation of avgas availability, contact [email protected]

LIRU, Roma Urbe, is a good stop and only a 20 min taxi ride into central Rome. There is also avgas at LICR Reggio Calabria.

Avoid Cagliari LIEE (Sardinia) which is horrendously expensive. I also tend to avoid fuel stops in Sicily due to handling fees (at Catania LICC, the aeroclub are not always able or willing to help). There is avgas at LICP Palermo Bocca di Falco should you need to stop in Sicily, but confirm availability first.

To and from Malta, I generally route via LFMT or LFMD, and LFKJ. Clearly it depends on your range and the winds on the day, and whether you prefer to avoid long overwater legs.



there are three handy airports with decent-priced Avgas surrounding the South of Italy, and most people use these when actually flying to or in the South of Italy.

These are:

  • in the West: Figari (Corsica)
  • in the South: Malta
  • in the East: Dubrovnik (Croatia)

If you are short of range and need fuel in the very south of Italy, drop me a PM and l’ll let you know where to go.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Thanks for info, was looking to route Bastia-Solerno-Reggio-Luqa but would like a plan B if we encounter strong head winds. Anybody know anywhere with avgas between Solerno and Reggio that is likely to let me have some if required?Anyone know anything about Scalea ?

I am also planning a flight around Italy this summer with the Antique Aircraft Association (AAA) of Switzerland, so this thread is of great interest.

We will likely be about 10-12 aircraft, mostly vintage such as Jodel’s, Super Cub’s, and older Piper’s (Tri-Pacer), Cessna’s (152, 172, 175, etc) with possibly a couple higher-performance aircraft like a Bonanza or a Diamond DA42. Other than the DA42, all will need avgas and some will have limited range (we usually plan max 200nm legs for the slower a/c with less range and the others can skip stops if desired and not needed).

Our intent is to spend the last 10 days of July (21-30) travelling down the west side of Italy and up the east side, with possibly a hop over to Malta. Due to weather, we never reserve accommodation in advance and the first aircraft(s) to arrive at a planned overnight stop start trying to find beds. Some bring camping gear, but this tends to be the exception rather than the norm.

A first shot at leg planning is very preliminary, and hasn’t yet had a sanity check on avgas availability, but looks like the following. It will certainly change.
LSZL (Locarno) – LIRJ (Elba) – LIRI (Salerno) – LICA (Lamezia Therme) – LICT (Trapani) – LMML (Malta) – LICR (Reggio) – LIBC (Crotone) – LINL (Lecce) – LIBP (Pescara) – LIRZ (Perugia) – LIRQ (Florence) – LSZL

There will likely be fuel stop options investigated around Elba (e.g. hop the 40nm over to Bastia just for fuel since the price would be about 1/2 that in Elba). Florence has limited parking for such a large gaggle and has become GA-unfriendly due to the required credit card commitment in advance and charged even if no-show (e.g. due to weather). Other known fields in the area are Lucca which would suit all a/c or IFIBSL Collina (grass, avgas ?? tbd).

If anyone has any comments/experience on the above locations, I would be glad to hear them. I’ve been to Florence and Elba myself, but not recently. Same applies for any other location suggestions that would fit in with that route, preferably paved runway. A couple that I plan to check are Giubiliana Ragusa and LIKO Guglielmo Zamboni.

Sorry to just on your thread Fenland, but I think the information we are seeking is mutually advantageous.


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LSZK, Switzerland

I went to Lucca in 2014. There are some pics of the airport in that writeup. They had customs and avgas. A very friendly place.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

LINL Lecce has been closed as an airport for over ten years now.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

chflyer wrote:

IFIBSL Collina (grass, avgas ?? tbd).

If it is Collina near Borgo San Lorenzo that is meant, the Avioportolano mentions a grass runway of 720m, but says nothing about fuel availability.

The field’s own web site confirms that information but remains equally silent about fuel. I’d not be surprised if, like ofttimes in Italy, nothing is organised but many things can be arranged.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

On a quick and dirty look, using Navbox Pro, looking here

the airports which show avgas are


LIBR lists it but reports suggest that info has never been right.

I would treat the above with caution because it’s way more than others have reported

Funny that Navbox still shows LINL and that data supposedly comes from the AIP Maybe @Peter_Mundy can confirm?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Inland from Elba is Terni LIAA. They had avgas and were happy to sell to outsiders when I visited a few years ago. Website

EGBP Kemble, United Kingdom
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