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Flying over Norway

Dear fellow pilots!

I need advice about flying over Norway. I plan to visit Oslo and after proceed to ENBR. As I see, MEFs over the direct route are all around 80. Is there any prefered low VFR routes over Norway or is it better to follow coast line?

Thank you!

Best Regards, Sergey


A couple of years ago I flew along the coast line from Kristiansand and it was a very scenic route, highly recommended. On our way back from ENBR we flew towards Gothernburg at FL090 (or so) over Hardangervidda.

Don't know about a low level VFR route though, I recommend that you check their VFR Guide - perhaps you can get some clues there.


Hi Sergej!

I have just been to (inland) southern Norway last week (in great weather) and - quite expectedly - it was awesome.

All I can say is: if your general routing calls for it and the weather is good, absolutely go across southern Norway, not around the coast. Not only would it be shorter, but also much more scenic (this is not to say flying along the coast isn't nice, but flying across the inland is even is as close as you can get in terms of "flying-in-Canada-feel").

But again, you need good weather, which is a matter of good luck, particularly because you would need good weather east of the mountains and west of the mountains, which doens't happen all too often.

Let me see if I can post a few piccies here shortly.

P.S. Nice to see a pilot from Latvia here. What are you flying?

P.P.S. For Oslo, I would recommend Kjeller airfield, which costs much less than Gandermoen and is much closer to the city. It's PPR, but no big problem. Bergen is slot-coordinated, so you will need to PPR for that one, too.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany


Although I wrote this article in 2007, it might contain some information which may be of use.

Have a good trip, Peter

Rochester, UK, United Kingdom

Thanks to all for advises. Photos are fantastic!!! Nevertheless due to showers in Bergen I've decided to make trip to Germany and Austria through Sweden and Denmark (Copenhagen, Roskilde) this time. Perhaps I'll be lucky to have good weather for flight to Innsbruck this time ) and I'll plan Norway to the end of July.


Actually, most of the pictures above are from the area arounf ENFY, which is still pretty much in the south. As you go further north, the terrain becomes even more mountainous, rugged and spectacular. The following photos were taken in May (instead of June), but you will find snow there all year.

Please excuse the lower quality of these pics...they were taken in 2005, when digital photography was not yet what it is today...

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

+1 for Kjeller. Superb runway (ex-mil) with a couple of flying clubs and fuel on site. (In 2011). Walkable to the train station (about a mile) but not with luggage. Fast frequent direct trains to Oslo centre about 15 mins, all in tunnel. There's a 'scenic route' along the old line as well. Taxis in Lillestrom and a Best Western on the walk to the station.

Note this is the 'summer holiday' season in Norway. It can be difficult to contact people and Kjeller was unattended when I arrived. A flying club chap helped me out with the fuel.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

Incredible photos. I'd really like to fly there :)

EIKH Kilrush

Dear all. I would like to revive this thread. We are planning to take a DA-40 at the end of July on a VFR flight from EHLE to Nordkapp (or as close as we can get to it) flying from EHLE to Gothenburg over Denmark, then going to Bergen, following the coast all the way to Bodo and going back from there through Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Poland.

We plan to have a couple of life jackets with us for all expected water crossings, a reserve radio, some warm clothes, plenty of water and a gas burner just in case.
We have all the required charts and the AIPs for the flight as well as SkyDemon/JeppView etc etc.
Can anyone give us any advise on the minimal survival gear we should have with us? Any tips about landings, places to stay, things to see, real-life JetA1 availability?

Thanks a million!

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