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Courchevel LFLJ PA46 F-GUYZ crash - slight injuries only

Piper Malibu ?
Today 8/2/2019 at Courchevel

The video for now only on Facebook

LGMG Megara, Greece

I have just managed to straighten up the video which someone emailed me

Not a good year for the PA46 so far!

ASN and more videos there.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

Not a good year for the PA46 so far!

Thanks Peter, just what we want to hear

Things happen fast in aviation :(
Good news that there are no serious injuries!

has a Beagle...
LOWG Graz Austria

I hope everybody is alright!

I have a weak spot for Courchevel. I fear the pilot did exactly what he was trained to do, expect he was flying a PA46 instead of the training C172. They teach you to approach about 5-6kt faster than usual. Then you are supposed to keep the power up well into the flare. When touching the ground the brakes are not used and you add a good amount of power so the C172 does not stop in the uphill part as nobody knows if it might fall over backwards etc. If it ever comes to a stop. Then you come to the stop of the uphill part in a bit over walking pace.

I never found instructions on how to do this with the huch heavier PA46 but I think some retarding of the thorttle into the flare might be needed and also after landing at least some braking and idle might be appropriate. Looking at videos of PC12 landing there it seems they are also braking with beta/reverse instead of adding power to come up the hill.

Finally this is probably one of those accidents where air bags and properly worn seatbelts make a big difference.

Why would you land with excess airspeed? Is it just because they are worried about getting up the hill? Obv you dont want to drop the nose wheel in first given the slope.

Last Edited by JasonC at 08 Feb 21:20
EGTK Oxford

It was a while ago now, but at the time I would have normally landed a 172 at idle. But ISTR being instructed to keep some throttle to ensure there was control authority (helps take the nose high enough for the slope compensation) until touchdown.
We always landed at the same speed as a regular runway but then on roll out, added power to ensure a smooth ride up the hill.
Being based at a short strip was a good starting point for the rating. Apart from getting the ‘Picture’ right on approach and a feel for the slope it’s not massively difficult.
Difficult enough to never suggest someone just ‘has a go’ though. Even if they are very competent.

Last Edited by GA_Pete at 08 Feb 21:39
Private strip, Essex (not mine), United Kingdom

The excess airspeed in the approach is for several reasons of which one is to handle the downdrafts often felt just before the threshold. They don’t teach you to come in flat and slow. If you train there in anything other than a C172 or the like, they will not teach you to keep the power up (or better said to add power) after the touchdown. That is only needed on slower aircraft as you otherwise would not make it up the hill.

EHRD, Netherlands

He touched late didn’t he and carried over his speed up the hill… picked a good soft snowy spot to crash into.

has a Beagle...
LOWG Graz Austria

There’s a video at where you can see he’s landed far too far up the runway. I was taught in normal conditions to land at normal speed but the aiming point is key whether it’s a tail wind or head wind. There’s no major issues with Courchvel if you adhere to what the training teaches you and accept the restrictions. Besides why would you want to go there if the weather wasn’t lovely?. The Mountain Rating rather than just the Courchevel rating is the better rating to do if time and money allow.

Rochester EGTO
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