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Calculating RNAV approach minima for IR(R)

One for the UK:
I use the IMC Rating calculation chart that I was given when I did the rating in 2011. However in those distant days there was no RNAV in my little world so it is not on the chart. Looking at the AIS plates for Cambridge as an example the minima seem to be similar to those for NDB and LOC approaches. There is nothing that I can see on this subject in CAP773 which appears to be the relevant official document. I’m flying with an instrument instructor on Friday so will ask them but also interested to hear the opinions of the house.
I know that the raised minima for IR(R) are advisory but as an occasional instrument flyer I use them.

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strip near EGGW

I would just use the non-precision advisory minima, same as NDB, VOR or LOC.

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