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Report on UK Lower Airspace Design


Undoubtedly, just like the Red Tape Challenge, this will be ignored too :-(

One interesting thing of note is currently the CAA is obliged to make a profit out of airspace change proposals. This sets up all kinds of perverse incentives.

Andreas IOM

This has just been published – has a lot to say about UK lower airspace design not being for for purpose. I’ve only scanned so far, some interesting bits but also some missed areas I feel – I thought there would be more in there about the opportunities to exploit some of the new portable low cost electronic conspicuity kit like SkyEcho2 ADS-B for airspace access etc

Oxfordshire / Glocs

Two threads on same topic combined. Local copy

It’s a good report but sounds a bit like this which was largely ignored. The UK is just not going to do anything.

Would the CAA mandate the use of some form of uncertified ADS-B OUT? It would mean a big change of attitudes to get ATC to install and use equipment which picks that up. Presently they don’t even make use of certified ADS-B.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The CAA is talking about mandating electronic conspicuitiy, yes.

Andreas IOM

The UK is just not going to do anything.

Until laws are passed, perhaps?

There’s nothing too new in this report other than the fact the revised CAP1616 (airspace change process) should probably be given a chance to bed in.

Then again, new applications under CAP1122 (instrument approaches without ATC) has been mostly suspended too with current applications taking slower than a snail would crawl to approve.

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