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What do you eat on a long flight?

Apologies if this is being discussed elsewhere or should be posted to another category.

What do you eat on a long flight?

Fruits, biscuits and nuts are ok but for a long flight (say over 2/3 hours) something a bit more substantial could make the flight more enjoyable.


My catering agent ensures we have always dry stuff in the aircraft (nuts, biscuits, salt sticks and similar) while on actual flight she brings some fruits, sandwiches and chocolate (we don’t want to keep it in aircraft to avoid melting). Since few days ago we serve alcohol (to passengers only if any are on board) because we got donation of few small bottles.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

For most of my longer trips, some combination of
- Apples
- Protein bars (RX bars ideally)
- Granola bars
- If there is time to buy / make a good sandwich, that’ll go too.
- On my longer trip yet (5:40) my brother had cooked eggs right to the edge of hard/soft boiled (almost soft boiled, but not liquid as to not make a mess, and not the disgusting chalky overboiled consistence), and some warm break and would just shell the eggs and crush them in a sandwich. Delicious :)

Anything that does not make a mess and contains some nutrients. Boiled eggs, carrots, home made bars. Add some water and a thermos with Coffee you should be ok for a long haul. I used to rent a Lance with 7 HR endurance and it happened that a sandwich or two from the hotel breakfast was consumed at fl120.

ESG..., Sweden

Panorama Class Menu

- Sandwiches
- Soda – Water – Coffee

EKRK, Denmark

I do think it’s quite hard to pick warm food that doesn’t create a mess. Sandwiches is an easy option for sure
Had not thought about wine and boiled eggs before


I usually carry a sandwich, chocolate bar or such. For really long flights (>3 hours) I try something more substantial like a salad.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

looks like a nice tv dinner :)

ESG..., Sweden

Every time I have had a long flight, I’ve felt slightly hungry.
Every time I pack food, I seem involved in the flying to the point I never remember to eat.

I wonder if/ hope that, getting an IR and up into the FL’s for longer trips might make it a bit easier.
Some of the supermarket cold pasta is nice, and if you have time is easy to prepare yourself.
A flask of hot soup is no more challenging than a coffee in smooth air. As long as it stays that way until you finish it.

Private strip, Essex (not mine), United Kingdom

With the “catering agent”: Quiche bretonne, lorraine…
Solo: I just starve to death mainly after landing

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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