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Mountain, Canyon, and Backcountry Flying by Amy Hoover and RK Williams

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This is a nicely presented, knowledgeable manual for mountain flying.

It is available on Kobo and while the graphics are not zoomeable, they are good quality and can be viewed fine on an iPad.

A lot of the information is available in the late Sparky Imeson’s Mountain Flying Bible, but is written and presented in a clearer manner. There are some elements of Imeson’s MFB which are not included, some of the weather analysis features, for example recognising embedded lenticular clouds, but in general it is an improved and updated product.

Like traditional primers a considerable portion is devoted to analysing the effect of Density Altitude on performance, and training to really understand how this will affect your aircraft.

One of the nice aspects of this new volume is many real life CRM examples which bring the theory aspects to life.

The weather discussion has improved graphics, and while it discusses the effect of sun glare, and analysing where the sun is to avoid glare – Imeson is in some ways more aware of this threat, and the need to be on the shady side in narrow canyons.

Imeson has more content on technique in backcountry flying, especially with respect to handling the Cessna 180/185 which is the traditional workhorse. He also wrote a good tailwheel primer, Taildragger Tactics.

I regard both volumes as great revision books for improving airmanship in general, and try and re read portions on a regular basis.

Would strongly recommend Amy Hoover’s book.

Enstone (EGTN), Oxford (EGTK)
1 Post
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