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Light Aircraft caught in Ski lift cables in Italy

Main story in the usual places.

Private strip, Essex (not mine), United Kingdom

What are the usual places?

^ESM[ES]$, Sweden

If you are looking for English language newspapers which don’t require a subscription, this is one

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

A few years ago a C152 got caught in electricity wires in Seattle, with no injuries to the sole occupant. The pilot involved died in a plane crash a few years later.

Andreas IOM

What aircraft type is it? 3 axis microlight? Nose wheel knocked off?
Flaps seem to have been down.

EGPE, United Kingdom

Looks like a Tecnam P92 UL to me

Private field, Mallorca, Spain
Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

The bigger question is what was he doing flying so close the ground! Must have been a very violent impact with the cables. Looks like he hit the first cable, which sheared off his nosewheel, then the plane rotated violently around its horizontal axis and it impacted the second cable just before the empennage. You can the see the tail wrapped around the cable.

Upper Harford, United Kingdom


ESSEX, United Kingdom

AFAIK, there is no airfield or airstrip in the vicinity of the mentioned locality.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany
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