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Flying in the empty skies / getting back in the air during/after the corona shutdown

There’s almost nobody on Croatian skies these days. Before pandemic hit my spring flying schedule seemed pretty crowded – few trips to Croatian seaside, Aero, trip to Sardinia, trip to Lancaster and Annecy fly-in. Obviously, nothing of this will happen and I haven’t been in the air since February 19th. Since there’s no ban on GA flying in Croatia and long period on ground is definitely not good for the aircraft I decided to update NAV database today and practice few approaches at Zagreb LDZA.

It was pretty strange to fly practically in total silence and to have all sky, ATC and airport only for myself.

Today I was supposed to take off for Sardinia trip, so I pretended I was preparing the aircraft for this trip

No problem with starting up, all systems working, tested TKS, oxygen, autopilot and complete avionics.

Two ILS and one LNAV approach everything at low power settings to extend time in the air

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Wonderful photos

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Nice! The weather looks as fabulous in Croatia as it is here. Over 20°C now, CAVOK for days. It would be perfect flying weather, but driving to the airfield would clearly violate the “no non-essential travel” guidelines put in place, so I’ve been staying put.

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

Great photos, Emir – you’re really lucky.

I’m curious – we were heading for Croatia later this month, for a couple of week’s sailing. But our boat’s marina, and all staff are in total lockdown in their homes. Nothing’s happening.

How are you managing to get to your airfield?

Swanborough Farm (UK), Shoreham EGKA, Soysambu (Kenya), Kenya

How are you managing to get to your airfield?

Permission for aircraft maintenance.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

CB IR Instruction

Emir wrote:

Today I was supposed to take off for Sardinia trip, so I pretended I was preparing the aircraft for this trip

Then stopped pretending 10nm from Cagliari

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Finally after a month of Corona break, I had got a short local flight. OK weather, at last it didn’t rain or snow We were actually 3 planes from the club today. The Safir took off right before me, and a Faeta was also flying. A bit sad to see those Boeings from Norwegian parked, but cool also in a way.

(sorry for the poor quality photos. Have to get myself a real camera, maybe there will be some improvements)


Did you ask for a PPR ?

Nice pictures ! These sceneries look amazing to me, even if for you it is just a short local

Last Edited by Jujupilote at 11 Apr 12:10

Jujupilote wrote:

Did you ask for a PPR ?

Yes. Mandatory according to NOTAM. Sent and email, 20 minutes later, I got an answer.

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