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The end of an era (NDB approaches going)

With the introduction of RNP approaches, the 2 NDB approach to Stockholm/Bromma is withdrawn today.

Before you had GPS, making the turn over the FAF at 3.5 NM from the threshold and then properly intercepting the final approach track while flying on QDR was a real ordeal for IR students in the Stockholm area.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

Without me realising it, Shoreham EGKA has also dropped its NDB approaches

although the NDB is still required

It’s funny because it means that had I not got my KLN94 approach approved I would not be able to legally fly any IAP there. Prior to that, I used to fly the NDB approach overtly but obviously using the GPS, which is 100% legal. It was a much longer track distance.

My guess is that the based FTO is no longer teaching NDB approaches, or they fly them elsewhere. The DME is no longer required for the GPS IAPs but it is definitely working.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I suspect the home based FTO will be teaching/testing 3D approaches elsewhere and using the RNAV for the 2D and GPS approach. You do however have to demonstrate single needle work and I expect the NDB hold will be ideal for that. I’m sure this will make the FTO pass right higher which will look great in their flashy advertising.

Having said all that I hear the the NDB procedure is going to be reinstated. Personally I think this is good news as it means I can still shoot an approach with an out of date database.

“Having said all that I hear the the NDB procedure is going to be reinstated”

I hope accuracy and range is increased? otherwise I don’t there is any practical use of shooting an NDB approach for real (apart from the training use and instrument exams which is now for NDB holds mainly)?

Last Edited by Ibra at 22 May 09:13
ESSEX, United Kingdom

It very accurate with the GPS turned on.

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