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Watch out for a big "danger area" in the Dover-France crossing

From here

Just seen that the previous Cross-Channel Danger areas between Dover and Calais, which were up to 1200ft for the drone migrant patrols are now up to 3000ft today according to the NOTAM shown by SD. Perhaps not such a big deal for GA right now what with the C19 quarantine restrictions, but if they persist it is likely to be an easy to bust piece of airspace – remember that UK danger areas aren’t treated the same as in other countries.

Regards, SD..

A lot of LFAT traffic will bust that one, once France re-opens.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

4500ft is even worse!!

Yes; expect a lot of new “gasco customers” from that one – especially as it is fairly close to the French airspace boundary and will be very easily busted by returning traffic in the climb, shortly after they leave French airspace, around when LFAT tower hands you over to “London 124.6”.

This TRA / RA is AFAIK for drones, scanning for the immigrant dinghies launching from France.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

To get an idea of the huge extent of this new “wall to stop a French invasion” look here

Policy Statement for above

Not a lot of traffic currently due to CV19 quarantine but…

A DCT EGKA-LFAT will get you “potentially unlicensed” in no time at all especially if flying the LYD SID

It is not known if there is an associated byelaw; this may have a bearing on whether breaching these is a criminal offence. I don’t know how this works. Some UK DAs don’t have a byelaw.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

It looks like these do not have a byelaw prohibiting entry, the danger areas having one are marked with an asterisk on the UK CAA chart.

Biggin Hill

Fine, but do you want to risk flying through one, which, as it seems, leads to what they call “infringement” proceedings, warning letters, license suspensions etc.? Only to be given justice (and your license back) a few years later? No, the advice to pilots in these crazy times can only be to avoid UK danger areas when active (not due the dangers to the flight, but due to the danger for your license).

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

No, the brits are going to blow up the tunnel
What kind of drone is used ? Definitely not a Reaper.

Up to 4500, it is like a wall for most VFR pilots. The notam says Lydd ATC can clear you through. Better than nothing.

If there was no covid, many would get caught yes. I hope Lille will advise pilots coming from the French side.

Last Edited by Jujupilote at 31 Aug 12:44

The base of CAS is 5500ft over the UK coast so you have to be between 4500 and 5500ft.

To avoid busting one or the other, the best thing is to fly at 5000ft.

The risk is making a mistake on the rate of climb/descent out of / into LFAT.

The case of CAS is higher where the 4500ft bits are but that then involves planning and remembering a stepped profile, which is probably the most risky thing in flying in the UK.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Lydd ATC and London FIS is of no help over the channel, I highly suggest anyone not being to able to fly 5000ft for X reason or wanting to go low to get in touch with Lille or London Center, they will lose you on radar bellow 800ft but RT or avoid the area, I had to fly once really low that I had to coast in at Margate/Southend as Dover Cliffs were high, not sure how that would have worked with DA without 7700 on the box?

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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