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Keep your EASA MEP / EASA IR up to date!

I think you will find that the simple answer to that is yes . However the MEP course is not part of the SEP / IR. They would be two separate courses even if done alongside each other at the same place. The MEP/IR is considered as an addition to the SEP/IR and the ‘MEP/IR ’test’ mainly concentrates on the differences between SEP/IR and MEP/IR eg assymetric flight. Your ATO should be able to assess the number of hours they think you would need to add the MEP/IR to the SEP/IR plus MEP. In the case of the CBIR it might be just the test hour that is needed under the circumstances you describe. Or at least that is the case here.


Thank you.
So at the end of the SEP IR another exam flight would give a MEP IR.

always learning
LO__, Austria

That’s basically what happened when I did my CBIR after a gap in my IR of several years. The examiner was at pains to point out that this wasn’t really and IR exam but an MEP control flight under IFR. Maybe he was just trying to calm my nerves.


I did (all in UK, in the last 5 years)

SE-IR (CBIR route)

Then 2 years later:
Minimum 5h training at an ATO to upgrade to ME-IR
Did a full IR test in the ME, and got the ME Class on my IR (entry in licence says: IR-SP-ME class/SE)

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Noe – I think this is the route I will follow as well…..

My idea as follow:

08/2018 did CBIR (SE) in a PA28 steam guage
08/2019 revalidated SE-IR in aircraft with PBN add-on in a DA40 G1000 (instructing on this a/c so current)
currently converting licence to IAA for Brexit concerns
2019/2020 will complete MEP on DA42, hoping for min hours
08/2020 will do 5 hours then “reval” in DA42 to get MEIR (automatically covers SEIR privileges)

Hoping to have 200 IFR by then to do IRI add on too…….

Step by step!

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currently converting licence to IAA for Brexit concerns

Where are you based? (empty profile)

General brexit v. aviation thread here.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

From here

If I wait with my profcheck after my rating has lapsed I need to do an exam, correct? I am much more comfortable in my own plane than in a rental.

EHTE, Netherlands

If you look at FCL.625(c), it says there that it is still renewal by proficiency check rather than skill test.

The more burdensome part is presumably the ATO refresher training required as you are then dependent upon the ATO to determine if and how much refresher training is needed.

If I was in your situation I would ask an ATO whether you could get away with no or minimal refresher training.

Another option would be to do the proficiency check in another aircraft. As far as I have heard, unless you completely screw up the preparation and execution of the approaches or are very non-current in terms of experience, it is rare that one is not given a pass. And technically you can presumably redo a proficiency check before expiry?

EGTF, EGLK, United Kingdom

Specific references are here:


Please note that there are some important beneficial changes to FCL.625 (see below) applicable from 11 November if you already hold a valid IR from another ICAO authority, e.g. FAA IR. In that case, FCL.625 explicitly states that NO ATO refresher training is required.

For non 3rd-country ICAO IR holders, it also slightly modifies the language of the ATO refresher training to include the phrase “if deemed necessary” which seems to raise the bar for the requirement of ATO refresher training.

EGTF, EGLK, United Kingdom

Thank you @wbardorf, this is very helpful!

EHTE, Netherlands
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