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Batteries galore! (Coventry airport getting a huge battery factory)

Apparently Coventry Airport is set to become the site of a new battery Gigafactory, with the local authority set to give themselves planning permission in competition with the North East.

No word yet on the aviation (or not) implications, although judging by the pic in that article landings on 23 will need some heavy braking. At least there will a healthy back door supply of ‘reject’ 2170 batteries that could electrify a few PA-28’s.

EGBW / KPRC, United Kingdom

Aveling wrote:

No word yet on the aviation (or not) implications

Well, the airfield would essentially disappear. It seems inevitable as every local authority is in favour.

EGBE, LEJR, United Kingdom

Incredible newspeek.

“The airport site could accommodate up to 4.5m sq ft of commercial space, Coventry City Council said”
They forgot the first word of this : Destroying the airport size could …


The French similar project seems a little bit more sensible : no airfield destroyed

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