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Pilot to Pilot frequency South of England

123.45 all day long.

No call sign required.

On a sunny weekend in france, you might sometimes think that 123.5 is the chat frequency…

On a sunny day in France there can be a lot of traffic using 123.5 especiaĺly in our region.
From 2000 ft above LFFK I hear traffic in the circuit of at least 7 other airfields, we all share the frequency.


I know…I was referring to the oft heard conversations between “jean-claude” and “Pierre” asking if thats him and then what its like over the beach/river/lake etc… but its got alot better in the last few years, though too many still forget to actually mention the airfield they are at, which can be somewhat disconcerting when there are 3 airfields with a runway “29”…

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Ha, yes it can be disconcerting when they don’t mention the airfiield they are at, especially if it has the same QFU as the one you are at.
You end up looking here there and everywhere wondering where the hell he is.
As for “Pierre, what’s the weather like over tje coast?” Didn’t you know that’s the French version of a Pirep?:))



EGPE, United Kingdom

But you arent meant to chatter on safety com :—)

Maoraigh wrote:


CAP 413 is quite specific about the limited area and height within which Safety.Com should be used.
It also mandates – presumably based on the French use(misuse?) of 123.5 – that skydriller mentions:

though too many still forget to actually mention the airfield they are at

that under CAP 413 the airfield being addressed should be mentioned both at the beginning & the end of each transmission.

Rochester, UK, United Kingdom

Is CAP413 a UK thing? I know they also mention the airfield being addressed at beginning and end in the USA also, but I have never seen a CAP413 mentioned there.


gallois wrote:

Is CAP413 a UK thing?

Sorry: I should have specified that CAP 413 is the CAA (UK) regulation publication on R/T.
As well as the US, (and UK), specifying that the airfield addressed should be quoted at the beginning & end of each transmission, I presume that this is also a requirement in France?
Although, as mentioned above (and as I know from personal experience) French pilots almost always fail to do so.

Rochester, UK, United Kingdom
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