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Pilot to Pilot frequency South of England

There was no such thing as “unicom 135.48” when I learned to fly in the UK. But since moving to france it was drilled into me to say the name of the aerodrome before any message on 123.5, I was not taught to say the name of the aerodrome at the end of the message however (French contributors, is that wrong?). Saying the name of the airfield then my message has become second nature such that I even do it at FIS/ATC aerodromes somethimes without thinking.

Regards, SD..

I was taught that on you should always address the airfield you are calling first especially on 123.5 but not at the end. Like @skydriller it has become second nature to me now. But there are many pilots who flew most of their lives without radio and perhaps its not yet second nature to them. Its difficult to learn new 2nd natures as you get older.

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