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DA42 for rent in England?

As the title says, I am looking to solo hire a DA42 in England for a trip to Europe on the week of 19 to 23 of April.

Any ideas as to who/where I could rent one?
Ideally one with at least a working autopilot and de-ice system. Aux fuel tanks, oxygen, weather and traffic also appreciated.

Any details by PM if necessary.

United Kingdom



I tried but their aircraft are not available due to maintenance on those dates.

United Kingdom

Indeed, that would be SueAir it has everything working and good for “going to Europe & beyond”, especially these days, it used to be based at North Weald…

There is another DA42 at North Weald (AKM Aviation), I never set foot on it but I know it can be rented for MEP+MEIR tests but not sure about private trips though

Many other DA42 are the only single twin in ATO aircrafts, so no way to get the keys

Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

Yeah I’m starting to look at Piper Arrows because it doesn’t seem like a DA42 is easily available…

United Kingdom

You will struggle with a DA42. I think it is also a reflection that many operators still see them as fragile in the hands of solo pilots and the economics also dont really add up.

Even finding twins of any type these days is very tough, and when you do most operators want you to prove your “credentials”, popping up for a one off hire is unlikely to meet their requirements. In some ways this is a shame, but I think reflects the experience of many operators that they have run into a few problems with this type of arrangement – of course not to say for one moment you wouldnt be a expemplary hirer!

You may well be better off with a good single with decent load carrying.

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