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Belgian TMA VFR Crossing Help.

Good Evening all,
Just looking for a bit of advice, looking to make a trip to Germany in the summer VFR and to do so I have to cross Belgium. My plan is to transit via KOKSY and OLNO via L607 at FL060 (PPR is required to do so from Brussels approach as TMA VFR transits are not authorised to cross without ppr under FL090 as well as there being specified times that VFR traffic can cross)

Here’s a rough screenshot from SD, I’m just wondering if the process would be to contact the Oostende TMA to request the Transit in which I would then be handed over to Brussels approach for entrance to their TMA or would I contact Brussels app as I believe the “general class C” (located in the same place as Oostende TMA) is controlled by them in the form of an LCTA?

Kind Regards.

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United Kingdom

Call EBBU ACC on 131.105

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EBST, Belgium

The TMA overrides the “general class C”; I would call Oostende before the FIR boundary. They “should” pass you to the right Brussels Control frequency on exit from their TMA.

When approaching it, I would make sure to have explicit clearance to enter the EBR01 area.

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Back when I used to fly abroad VFR, I would arrive at the Belgian border (around KONAN) at FL073, just below the UK Class A there, and ask Brussels for a transit KONAN KOK LNO etc. I got it every time, FL075/085/etc. Just like when flying that route IFR. Same route every time. Like the one here.

Everybody else flying VFR would tear their hair out over the Belgian airspace, and crossing it at below 1000ft or whatever.

Maybe @airways can advise whether Belgium still supports VFR at these sensible levels.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes VFR at higher levels is still supported and even recommended. You need to file IFR levels in CAS however. At FL060 it would indeed be EBOS APP who is in charge on the L607 between KONAN & KOK. FL070 and higher would be really appreciated once you come close to EBBR.
No need to ask for specific crossing of EB-R1 though. That’s included in the ATC clearance and at these levels you are in compliance with the glide-clear rule anyway.

EBST, Belgium

Appreciate the replies, cheers all.

United Kingdom

Have a flightplan filed and open.
Contact Ostend Approach on 120.6 and transit their TMA.
They will switch you to Brussels Control on 131.1 or Brussels Departure on 126.630
Most probably they’ll clear you on FL060, 70 or FL080. Expect to be vectored out of the way of other traffic.
And be sharp on the radio.
Then they will put you on Liege Approach on 119.280.
Have a back-up plan for flight below 4500ft in class G airspace. There are two narrow corridors to choose from below 1500ft: north of Brussel CTR/ south of Antwerp CTR via waypoint DUFFY; and the other south of Brussels CTR, north of Charleroi CTR via Waterloo (yes, thé Waterloo). Beware of Beauvechain military airspace during the week.


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Abeam the Flying Dream
EBKT, LFQQ western Belgium, north France, Belgium

I had a bizarre experience a couple of years ago (which you can read about at the beginning of my trip report here), where I was told that VFR flight in Belgium is prohibited above 4500ft.

The ensuing discussion didn’t seem to clear anything up and I’m still none the wiser…

If you end up in the EDKB, EDLN or EDLF area then let me know if you want to talk aviation over a beer!


I agree with Peter it’s different when turning up at FIR boundary at FL70 and 2kft, I have been in both situations ans got transits but it’s completly different experience when you start asking for climbs in busy TMA

Also VFR FPL, make sure it’s mannually adressed to Ostend & Brussel ATC, I am sure Ostend will get you transits without locating your FPL but not sure about Brussels (UK FIS & German FIS plus departure/arrival & should have your FPL by default in most tools but other units need mannual adress input)

Last Edited by Ibra at 08 Apr 18:22
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

Yes exactly; much of the work with ATC is to present a fait accompli.

Getting a climb from a low level VFR is almost always hard in Europe, because of uncoordinated controllers doing different levels. But they almost never force you down from something like FL80. Never ever happened to me.

Well, did happen just once I got forced down from ~FL70 to < 1000ft near Nice, in 2014. But that airspace is well known. They mess everybody around, just for fun, so it seems.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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