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Anyone has flown the full SID/STAR?

I come across places that won’t allow filling IFR routes that validates with incorporating SID/STAR (no DCT) in FPL, in practice these are rarely flown the moment radio & radar contact is established, toward 1000ft agl under a busy TMA

Which brings the question, except COM & TXP & GPS failures, did anyone ever flew a whole SID? or a whole STAR?

In UK there are not that many to start with, except Cardiff and two other GA airports, and for other countries with PBN & FRA airspace, I don’t think conventional dinosaurs SID/STAR will survive for that long?

Last Edited by Ibra at 29 Jul 15:36
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

You often fly them at La Rochelle LFBH or at least you used to and often at Brest LFBR.
I’m sure I have flown full SIDs and Stars at several other places too.
Also there are the POGOs around Paris which often start or end with them.


Yes POGO in Paris will be flown in full but it’s not very long, not very high and no room for shortcuts

I was thinking about STAR & SID that go really far, somewhere 60nm away & very high (ofc outside IR training setup), any reason why you flew them in full at LFBH/LFRB? no ATC radar? or wrong equipement in FPL? it has to be something odd to get a full one

LFRB/LFBH in theory, would even allow omni departures

Last Edited by Ibra at 29 Jul 16:09
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

La Rochelle coming from the North you will often get the STAR if you want the ILS when the club really active, para jumping is going on, the rescue helicopter is about and Ryan air is due in.
Coming from the South you’ll often get the DME arc.
The Sid is not challenging but on the 27 departure you’ll usually get it because the airway A25 almost passes across the end of the runway.
Brest has the Rospo Sid if going to Quimper or anywhere South and 2 or 3 different SIDs to the north. One goes nearly to Jersey. The STAR coming inbound I think from BETUV from memory, I don’t have the charts at the moment. Its not far off a straight line but the airlines are still high at the start of the STAR, but that is relatively speaking.


I think airlines arrival would explains why Cardiff gave me almost a full one once

Also noise areas & low airspace nearby but usually one get above that quickly…

Last Edited by Ibra at 29 Jul 18:14
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

Just because the SID or STAR might have to do into the flightplan doesn’t mean you very often have to fly it.

EDLE, Netherlands

Yes I never flown one in full (not at all or given on departure clearance but only first one or two bits are flown), so my question who ever did fly a full one? and any idea why?

Obviously you won’t fly SID09 in flight plan when it’s wind for RWY27 on the day…

Last Edited by Ibra at 30 Jul 07:16
Paris/Essex, United Kingdom


Oxford (EGTK)

Thanks Rob, any idea why they put you on these?

Paris/Essex, United Kingdom

Yes I have flown many in full. Both STARS and SIDs, with and without GNSS systems and not in training.
It may be that with the prevalence of GNSS there is less need to fly them in totality, I don’t know.
I have not.noticed any increase in the ratio of omnidirectional departures.
I do think it simply depends on traffic and traffic type.

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