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What is the latest on Flying in EU with LAPL & Self Declaration


Just wondering what is the latest on Flying in EU with LAPL & Self Declaration medical.

I understand that France will allow the above combination but I don’t know of any other EU country.

Any info would be most welcome.

Regards John

EGCV Sleap, United Kingdom

@Design4p you don’t have a location in your profile. Where was the LAPL issued? Sounds like the UK, looking at the PMD medical.

France requires a Class 2 for the UK NPPL.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

For the LAPL its a visit to an AME but its not supposed to be as onerous as the class 2. But I suppose that depends on the AME you use.
There is as @Jacko wrote a bi-lateral agreement between the UK and France on PtF aircraft which I believe you can fly on a UK LAPL and if permitted by the LAA(?) it can be flown on a self declared medical. This would I think apply the same in France according to the agreement but is something I would check with the LAA before flying over here.


I don’t think the LAA have anything to do with the medical or the licence. The Permit is for the aircraft, administered with CAA approval.
Licence and medical are CAA.

EGPE, United Kingdom

In which case I would advise checking rge medical situation with the CAA first. Reading the precis of the bi-lateral agreement it lôks like France have agreed to accept whatever the CAA is allowing on PtF aircraft, interms of licensing and medical.


That’s correct, but the LAA often issues “opinions” on licensing

For example they had, for many years, a statement on their website saying the NPPL is good for an N-reg. They have recently removed it but probably incorrectly

Good luck to anybody trying to get an answer from the CAA on anything of substance. It has been almost impossible for around 15 years, and if you got one it was usually wrong. They do have a few (very few) people who are not clueless in this area but none of them are anywhere near the customer interface.

I am not even sure if a UK issued LAPL is valid in the EU now. Brussels chopped off all they could, post-brexit. The NPPL is I believe still valid for France, with a Class 2 medical.

However, if you are flying a Permit aircraft, then you can go to France with NPPL/LAPL+PMD.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Would checking with the DGAC be possible?
My EASA Permit, issued by the LAA, became invalid at Brexit. I’m now flying on a CAA letter, permitting me to fly until the expiry date on the invalid Permit, but only in UK Airspace.
( I didn’t know it wasn’t a standard LAA Permit until 31/12/2020.)

Last Edited by Maoraigh at 07 Aug 20:18
EGPE, United Kingdom

It would be possible but from what I have read the DGAC has agreed to accept the UK regulations pertaining to G reg PtF aircraft whatever they are when flown by UK licenced pilots. The French rules of the air eg airspace rules still apply.
I think in return the UK will accept F reg non EASA aircraft (we don’t have a PtF as such we have a range of different categories which have Cof A ‘s or restricted CofAs which together equates to the UKs PtF). when flown by a French licenced pilot.
Now I assume that if the CAA says you can fly such and such a PtF aircraft with a UK PPL, LAPL or NPPL and with a self declared medical, that’s ok.
The French pilot would still have to have a class 2 medical because that is what is needed in France to fly these aircraft.
But I do not have the knowledge of Quatrelle or Bookworm in these matters.


I forgot to add that I don’t think this is very different to what was already in place but some things have changed since 1/1/21 and I think this just updates the bilateral agreement that was already in place to take account of the changes.

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