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Requesting .pdf High Altitude Enroute chart

Hello everyone,

I know a few airlines use the eLink Portal service from Jeppesen where you can view enroute charts and can download them as a .pdf file. I was wondering if anybody was willing to share with me a downloaded .pdf file of the Jeppesen enroute chart of the folliowing:

1). Canada-Alaska HI 6/5,
2). United States LO 3/4 and,
3). San Francisco Area chart.

I tried asking Jeppesen if the eLink Portal service was available for general aviation as well however, they said no.

Thank you.

KSFO, United States

Maybe someone sent you a PM ;)

Airline/Mentor/Safety/Instructor - Pilot
Based Austria | Operating Worldwide

yes, it appears someone did and someone is very, very grateful for the help.

KSFO, United States
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