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Jeppesen discontinuing their VFR GPS paper charts

There is no printing feature in Mobile FlightDeck VFR. Jeppesen do not anticipate you to print, they expect you to carry two mobile devices if you are concerned about redundancy. The license gives you two devices.

There are apps that you install on your Mac/Windows and that turn it into an Apple AirPrint relay but other than making screenshots on your iPad, there is no printing support.

The days of printing are coming to an end.

Yes, there's many possibiliies to print from an ipad, i do it all rhe time. I use a little box called xprint server. It turns any pringter into an AirPrint printer to be used with iPhone/iPad - and works perfectly, at least in my office

The reason for the iPad's success is that it's GUI us simply better, that iOS is generally more stable than Android and that there's simply many more well programmed (and good looking) apps for iOS. Android has a long way to go before it can catch up with iOS in these fields.

This might violate the forum guidelines but what you just wrote is complete nonsense Android has come a long way and it beats iOS in many regards these days. Its market share is about 4 times higher than iOS and Jeppesen's position of two devices usually means one tablet and one smartphone and while iOS still has a high market share in the tablet market, its share in the smartphone market is just around 18%.

I have both iOS and Android devices and I am intimately familiar with both environments as a user and developer. Rest assured that Android is very competitive on tablets.

I knew you would say that :-) But my opinion is that the whole user experience with iOS is much better (not all people are engineers). But let's simply not get into this religious war, it's been boring me for years now.

How do you like that about 84 percent of web traffic by tablets is generated by iPads? That much about market share. And there's other figures (by companys for example)

I STILL think that it's a mistake by Jeppesen to discontinue the paper VFR/GPS maps. The last VFR/GPS map for France came out 2012, ... and some of the dealers still sell it, for almost the original price.

Jeppesen knows that there's still a large pilot population out there who doesn't care one bit about iPads/Android tablets in the cockpits. And I must say I can fully understand people who want to keep their flying pure and simple.

I'm sure Jeppesen did the maths and made the right decision from their point of view.

Nothing stops a third party from producing VFR paper maps of Europe. You can license the data from Eurocontrol and produce maps. The base line maps are available free of charge from OpenStreetMaps or for a fee from other sources. From what I've heard, the prices for EAD data are reasonable.

Maybe Jeppesen will sell you one of their large map printers they have in Frankfurt. The IFR route maps were always printed on demand.

If you think it's a mistake (and by that I assume from a business point of view because Jeppesen is a business), then there should be an opportunity.

Does Jepp Mobile VFR provide the same coverage as the paper charts? I don't think so. I have complete Europe in the app but only a few countries... (e.g. Sweden is missing)


I think it's a mistake to do it the WAY they did it. Simply not put out new charts, leave thousands of pilots alone with the problem of "how to fly to France" (no, i don't care for the French VFR map).

Companys that are constantly telling you how GREAT their customer service is and how much you mean to them should not treat their loyal customer base like that.

There might be a business opportunity, who cares. I for one am not going to start printing flight maps :-)

Jeppesen promised to provide electronic coverage before they stop paper charts for a country. They have not done UK charts in 2013 because they already have electronic coverage but still do other countries. Let's hope they will live up to their promise. The plan definitely is to have all countries covered that were previously available on paper.

Simply not put out new charts, leave thousands of pilots alone with the problem of "how to fly to France" (no, i don't care for the Franch VFR map).

France is covered.

I think where Jepp is going wrong is to produce their own App. I'm pretty sure they would make more money by offering their chart product as add-on to established Apps like ForeFlight, FlyQ, etc., none of which have European coverage right now. Re-inventing the wheel isn't such a great idea, IMHO.

As a side note - does anyone on here use AirNav Pro? If so - comments?

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