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FCC radio telephone operators permit / radio station license

During my BFR I was asked if I had one. I’d never heard of it. I knew the Aircraft (N reg) has a Radio Station Licence but I had no idea the pilot required a personal permit. I post this here just in case anyone else like me has missed this requirement.
It’s easily rectified, go onto and follow Peter’s instructions published on his website. It cost me $60.

EGNS/Garey Airstrip, Isle of Man

The URL for STOLman’s post above is here.

I wrote that up a few years ago, so any corrections/updates will be appreciated.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

My N reg group were also unaware of this some time back and all subsequently applied for one. I did use Peters guide though it was a few years back and the FAA had changed some of the graphics and stuff, but it worked. This is something that no one seems to tell you about when you start flying an N reg so good that you posted it.

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As many will understand, radio licenses for either N-registered aircraft or FAA certificated pilots are required only when flying outside of the US. Its needed to comply with some ICAO treaty provision or something. Nothing is required within the US, so relatively few US pilots and owners know about it and it does tend to get overlooked.

I disagree. It is actually made very clear that you need this. It is not a hidden requirement.

EGTK Oxford

Slight sidestep to the European situation:

An EASA pilot’s license silently includes the R/T permit; but for most sub-ICAO licenses one needs a separate radio test. For me it was not much more than a formality, an interview during which I had to show I knew the phonetic alphabet, and what “downwind” means. Plus an imagined flight from EBAW to EBCI, neither of which are open to microlights… Actually, the radio test is mostly about airlaw.

In Germany the matter seems to be more serious, German microlighters even have a BZF1 and a BZF2 – I think the one is in German only, the second in English too.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Is that a new EASA thing? I certainly had to do an R/T exam for a UK-issued JAR/FCL license.

I’d say it’s not hidden – I got my FCC license back in 1999 before the first time I flew outside of the United States. It was at least known enough that I knew to go and do it without having to look up any requirements.

Andreas IOM

There is no problem getting an FCC license – the fee was $2 or something which puts the European fees into some sort of perspective ….

EIKH, Ireland

There is no problem getting an FCC license – the fee was $2 or something which puts the European fees into some sort of perspective ….

The fee was $50 when I obtained mine in 2006, it is now $60 not $2. I also have an FCC Amateur Radio Licence, that was free! Application is on the same form provided you have past the exams.

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