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gallois wrote:

Knowing how to read the designations of French ULM fields can perhaps be very helpful as there are so many of them.

Thanks! I didn’t know these codes had any structure at all beyond the LF.

gallois wrote:

85= the Vendee region. ie the region of France where the field is located

For people not intimate with French territorial subdivision, this is not “region” (région – EU NUTS level 2) but “department” (département – EU NUTS level 3). The list along with their two-digit code is at

Last Edited by lionel at 05 Aug 13:17

Now I understand why I never saw LF7502 in FFPULM? LF7501 would be Paris Issy-Les-Moulineaux but they ban Class 6 ULM helicopters

Last Edited by Ibra at 05 Aug 13:50
Paris/Essex, France/UK, United Kingdom

@lionel no the department of which the Vendee is a part is Pays de Loire. The Vendee is the region. This is the same as used in the first 2 numbers of the postcode and used to be parr of a vehicle registration (well still is really but you no longer have to have the number corresponding with the region where the owner lives.) They also go in alphabetical order Vendee 85, Vienne 86 etc. IIRC there are some 90 something regions.
A bit of an error in my previous post. I put Courçon in the Vendee as its quite near here. It is in fact 17 Charente Maritime, the same region as La Rochelle.
When I was younger we used to try and spot all of them in order, it helped fill the time on ablong car voyage.

Last Edited by gallois at 05 Aug 17:10

@gallois according to

Les Pays de la Loire sont une région du Grand Ouest français regroupant les départements de la Loire-Atlantique, de Maine-et-Loire, de la Mayenne, de la Sarthe et de la Vendée.


La Vendée est un département français (…). Il est situé dans la région des Pays de la Loire (…). L’Institut national de la statistique et des études économiques et la Poste lui attribuent le code 85.

So Vendée is a department, and Pays de la Loire is a region. See also

Les deux premiers chiffres du code [postal] correspondent au numéro du département (…).

Last Edited by lionel at 06 Aug 07:13

It’s strange how Wilipedia days one thing yet our local newspaper days another.

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