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Flying UK to Germany - what do I need to worry about

No slots required at EDDK.

EGTK Oxford

Indeed, Köln/Bonn does not require a slot for IFR GA. Here are the rules. I guess that's because the airport has a much higher capacity than its current utilization. A lot of the busy smaller airports (e.g. Stuttgart) require slots. However, they're free and easy to get.

Yep, sorry, EDDK is not "on the list".

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

I just talked to the GA terminal at EDDK to check the fees. For a 2400 lb. aircraft, they quoted me 79 euros, including a 17 EUR landing fee, a 26 EUR positioning fee, a 10 EUR noise fee, a 4.40 EUR parking fee for 24 hours, and a 21 EUR terminal fee. I guess I'm sticking with EDKL.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

Don't forget the IFR approach fee, ca. 20 €. You'll get a separate bill from DFS (German ATC).

Soon there will be a surcharge for long invoices.

Fairly OK for a major airport though.

EGTK Oxford

What I do like about EDDK was the fact that they had parking directly outside the terminal - haven't flown (charter) from there for a long time - and was flying from Cologne to Friedrichshafen on business; on the way from home to the airport I was held up due to an accident on the motorway. Drove to the terminal, parked close to the check in desk, explained my predicament, the check in guy drove the car away for me into a medium term car park nearby and I dashed through to make my flight... with 2 minutes to spare.... Now that's service..... Try that at other international airports...... usually the car will be towed before you can set foot in the terminal....... If you can get anywhere close to the terminal with a car......

EDL*, Germany

Ultranomad: How is Leverkusen as a setup? Any comments? Have flown over it, often thought about using it for Cologne but then ended up taking a train (blasphemy!) instead....

EDL*, Germany

Steve, Leverkusen is a fairly active club airfield, day VFR only, AFIS HJ 7 days a week except big holidays like Christmas; officially German only but everyone speaks good English. 900 m grass strip with good visual clues for the circuit and a VOR 11 NM away. A SEP under 2 tonnes costs 5 EUR to land and 2 EUR to park. Quite friendly but PPR; last time I visited, they had an airshow, and first told me they were closed for arrivals, but when I politely asked if I could come by the end of the day, just gave me a 30-minute slot. Avgas, mogas and oil are available but the prices fluctuate quite a bit - sometimes well above and sometimes well below other airfields nearby. There is a restaurant right on the field and ample parking for both aircraft and cars. Bayerwerke train station is within walking distance; buy a zone 1b/2a ticket (2.60 EUR) for Cologne, zone 2b (3.60 EUR) for Bonn.

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

OK trip is on. Shall be dining on currywurst by 1200GMT.

EGTK Oxford
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