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Rotterdam EHRD - good news regarding handling...

It is a good setup and the vcr facilities are ideal and “cosy” especially for a commercial airport like Rotterdam which is getting busier and busier. Atc is professional but are also in for a joke and if they see you that you are capable they sometimes do throw you in front of the incoming big guys which is fun as well.

There is no lighting charge however this setup is limited to 0900-1800. I would presume that on request a late arrival is possible as the club os often open after 1800 but Oscar should be able to confirm that?

I would also expect that it will be possible to accept the aircraft that are in the just over 2.000 kg category but are often downgraded to 1999kg like the pa34 or pa46? The airport is very much pro ga and I would presume that the arrangement is based more on a principle (light aircraft only) then on a hard cut off. It may take VCR some more effort.

It is a good step forward. Rotterdam is a real good airport with good facilities and full ifr. It is 35 minute drive to Amsterdam or Utrecht (den Bosch/’s-Hertogenbosch about 40 minutes), it has carrental, hotels, taxis (train is 10 minutes by taxi) and it also has Avgas.

Amsterdam (Schiphol) has no Avgas and charges a lot more for handling. Lelystad has no instrument approaches which are always open to visiting aircraft, landing fees are more expensive, unsure about carrental and you basically are in the middle of a lot of nothing. There is a tower but there is no atc, on a busy day I avoid Lelystad as I find it a dangerous airport and collisions have occurred.

It is also my understanding that the airport is dropping the security charges for all the pax on GA. I am not sure if that also applies to visiting aircraft but I presume it is.

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Late arrival may be possible to accommodated to, but on individual basis, and only if pre-agreed with our staff over the phone. Essentially you would be asking our staff for overtime……keep that in mind. But maybe an instructor works late and willing to help you. For really late arrivals (say after 2000 LT) you always have the option to go to the KLM JetCenter, but at a cost of much higher handling fees….
Oh yes, and during winter time (October – March) we close 1 hour earlier, 1700LT

Regarding the MTOW limitation. It’s indeed an arbitrary limit, but the max wing span of 13,50 m is a hard one. We don’t want damaged wings or damage to parked aircraft. If a flight is really of recreational nature, and wingspan is <13,50 m, and MTOW is a bit > 2000kg, we may be able to discuss with Airport Authority to allow you for our handling. But also on pre-agreement only.

I can confirm pax and security charges are waived from April 2015 onwards, but only for aircraft with a max MTOW 2000kg (visiting or homebased). And that is a hard limit for these fees waiver.

Well done Oscar, a great step forward. I will definitely be a visitor now.


Oxford and Bidford

Well, it’s fun for us too! We like all these international visitors. Makes for a vivid club…….

Thanks a lot for the effort and also for pointing this out in the forum here, Oscar!

Might come over for a day trip from EDLE during this season…

Hungriger Wolf (EDHF), Germany

Visited today. Nice job, Vliegclub Rotterdam!

Dear @Oscar_Bal, I am about to fly to Rotterdam and would just like to know, where the parking area will be, as I read LIMA and FOXTROT in this thread, which confuses me, because they are located in the west and in the south of the airport.

Edit: Sorry, I should have read twice, it looks like the Vliegclub Rotterdam (hence VRC) is located at L, while the Rotterdamsche Aero Club (hence RAC) is next to F and L. I was confused by the abbreviations.

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Infeed, VCR is at Lima.

EDLE, Netherlands

I haven’t seen it posted anywhere on EuroGA however, the concession enjoyed of having GA handled by VC Rotterdam was comparatively short-lived.

Earlier this year, as announced on their website, VCR no longer offers handling for GA, consequently one is obliged to approach the Jet Centre who recently quoted me Euro 135 for handling plus landing fee plus VAT: a total of Euro 200 per visit rather than the Euro 60 or so ….. sad, but it is what it is.

Since 2014 I used VCR perhaps three times annually, received their customary courtesy and humour, on three successive year dropping off an elderly relative to spend Xmas with her son: regrettably CAT isn’t an option but surprisingly GA for this 94 year old is!

Notwithstanding, a Euro 400 bill for dropping her off and collecting her isn’t helpful.

VCR gave no reason for the withdrawal of the service and one can only guess.

Depressing, but true ….

Does anyone know more, or why, this lifeline to EHRD was so peremptorily withdrawn?? (Perhaps VCR were doing such a good job!!

My understanding is that a pilot did not follow procedures, taxied through grass and had a prop strike. He is holding the club responsible for repairs and costs. As a result the club suspended handling pending a decision on liability.

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands
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