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Taxi instructions from tower during short final

My iPad switches from approach plate to taxi plate automatically if speed falls below 70kts.
You can configure the speed.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

What app are you running and are the plates Jepp or AIP?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

That’s what it does in the Cirrus.
After touch down when the plane slows down the chart changes to the airport chart (if you have CMax installed in a Avidyne Cirrus, about the Garmin version I don’t know, but probably similar)

What app are you running and are the plates Jepp or AIP?

Jepp MobileFD. I know I’m one of the sad muppets that pay for it.

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EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

It is a bit disconcerting that misconceptions about visual approaches are so common. (Certainly not only here, but in most cases where you discuss it.)

To summarise:

- A visual approach is an IFR procedure. You should not cancel IFR – nor should ATC ask you to. (1)
- There is no requirement to route over VRPs, nor would ATC expect you to. (Except possibly when there are published prescribed visual approach tracks.)
- When on a visual approach ATC will still provide separation. (Although the separation criteria might be different.) You could be asked to maintain own separation to an aircraft ahead.
- A visual approach does not require VMC. It does require you to have the runway (environment) in sight. The ICAO RVR minimum is 800 m. (2)

Anything else?

(1) Apparently not at uncontrolled airports in Germany. I do understand the reasoning (no IFR in class G except on approved procedures) but it’s still silly.
(2) I can imagine a situation where this makes sense. The airport is covered with a thin fog layer, making the runway perfectly visible from above, but with reduced slant visibility as you descend into the fog.

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ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

To summarize:

  • As the flexible SEP pilot, as soon as possible I will ask ATC for a visual approach as a regular IFR procedure. I expect some instructions to take me to the left or right base leg for the runway in use or will find my own way looking out for other traffic.
  • If ATC wants me to fly the ILS, early during the approach I should try to look at the taxi chart while the AP follows the procedure

In my aircraft I have a RAM mount for the iPad attached to the panel. It gives me a third screen. During flight I use it for the ADL or SkyDemon. I should use it to display the taxi chart. The MFD is usually set to Map/Chart split mode. To the left it shows the map with the flight path the AP will follow. To the right it shows the approach plate with the vertical profile.

As on the iPad I run Jeppesen MobileFD I can even mark my expected destination on the taxi chart and zoom in to the relevant portion of the way from the known runway to the parking position.

Before reaching short final in VMC I will advise ATC that I will perform a long landing, if the situation requires that.

Thanks for helping to process this.

Frequent travels around Europe

Before reaching short final in VMC I will advise ATC that I will perform a long landing, if the situation requires that.

Don’t get distracted too much by problems you don’t really have to worry about. Concentrate on your landing, that’s far more important than pleasing ATC. If they want you to vacate the runway early or late, they will let you know.

EDDS - Stuttgart

I only talk about long landing if I want to do that. If ATC care they will tell me. Same with keeping up high speed until 3DME etc. Fly as you want to and accommodate their requests if you can safely do so.

EGTK Oxford
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