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What do you hear in the Bose A20 headset with Bluetooth?

Peter wrote:

There is massive prior art on that.

As if that matters! There are tons of patents – particulary in software – which both have massive prior art and are obvious!

Well, it does matter in court, but most patent cases don’t go that far because if someone claims you are infringing on their patent (and in fact you are but the patent shouldn’t be valid), it’s less of a business risk to pay up that try to get a court to declare the patent invalid.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden

I’m using the 3.5mm jack connected to my phone to listen to music. This also works great for receiving audible alerts from SkyDemon. Last week I had to change plans spontaneously in the air and called LOSM with my phone (provider was 3) at FL095 overhead southern Austria. The second attempt worked really good and I got the permission to land there. In the flat-land of Austria I’m often even able to listen to spotify online so there’s a good chance to have some 3G or EDGE (to at least get some weather information).

Has anyone tried to connect the bluetooth A20 to the media player on their phone?

I don’t see why the headset should work as a “hands free kit” with a phone, but fail to play the phone’s media player. Normal bluetooth hands-free headsets will do both functions.

The microphone treatment is more complicated. On my Samsung S6 I have thus far not found any app which can accept audio input, via any means other than the phone’s built-in mike except the telephone app which obviously can use the hands free kit (via the 3.5mm jack). So no way to get sound when flying onto a video, or even record sound to an mp3 file. My Nokia 808 could do that but I had to use a 3rd party video app. I wonder why Samsung thus crippled it? But this doesn’t matter for playing music on the A20.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

I don’t see why the headset should work as a “hands free kit” with a phone, but fail to play the phone’s media player.

It’s because of different Bluetooth profiles supported by the devices. During connection each device reports what it supports. Only profiles supported by both devices in the corresponding direction (e.g. Audio out from one device and audio in from the other) are enabled. More info is available on wikipedia.

LSZH, LSZF, Switzerland

That’s correct, the bluetooth device (headset) needs to support the A2DP profile for it to play music, or other audio (traffic/terrain alerts) from your tablet.

I can confirm that the latest Bose A20 (which now supports A2DP) allows you to hear terrain and traffic alerts from Garmin Pilot on iPad via Bluetooth, without needing a 3.5mm jack connected between the two. The alerts will mix in with ATC audio unless you have the Bose set to fade them out during ATC transmissions, which makes sense for music but wouldn’t make a lot of sense for alerts.

I presume it works playing music from the iPad too but haven’t bothered to test this as I don’t listen to music in flight.

You may have already seen this, but I’ll volunteer the information anyway

AvWeb (and Aviation Consumer) just published this infomertial about the Bose A20 Bluetooth upgrade.


Well, I can confirm my A20 works with the phone (quite well actually, on the ground, Samsung S6) but the phone’s music player just plays via the phone’s speaker.

Has anyone done an upgrade, and how did they do it?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter, try this:

It is one of several hacks to route the media audio over the bluetooth non-A2DP link.

EGTK Oxford

AFAIU the upgrade consists in replacing the chord and the ANR box.


Thanks Jason that looks just the job!

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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