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Airport for visiting flying legends

Thanks Gallois and Trevor.
Plan A will be Southend and fly-in-and-out to Duxford.
If unable, we’ll do the same to Fowlmere.

Anyone willing to attend Flying Legends, we would be happy to meet up with !

Slot and tickets booked for Flying Legends 2019 (on Saturday 13th) !

These are the fees at Southend EGMC (I use bold) for a C172 :

Landing- £28.00, VAT £33.60

Parking 24hrs- £17.40, VAT £20.88

Handling [FYI not mandatory]- £232.00

Handling for Southend is not mandatory for GA less than x tonnes, you will not be able to get anything done appart from calling this number 01702538593 on the day (or 20 days after), bring a high vis jacket for the pic and find your own way, usually following the a big “C” ;)

Jujupilot, I will be around Duxford Sun 14th, ping me if you still around !

Last Edited by Ibra at 21 Mar 23:10
ESSEX, United Kingdom

Thanks Ibra, will call this number before the flight to Southend to describe our plans.
Sorry, we’ll fly in early and fly out late on Saturday, and will be on our way back to France on Sunday.
Is there anything worth a visit in Southend city BTW ?
We’ll miss the parade in Paris but will have the skies to ourselves

Jujupilote wrote:

Is there anything worth a visit in Southend city BTW ?

Ha, umm, no.

EGTK Oxford

I have flown into Duxford several times for Flying Legends. Unkless things have changed I dont see any problem with you being able to do that. They are very accomodating to people wanting to fly in.

Upper Harford, United Kingdom

“Is there anything worth a visit in Southend city BTW ?”

To do: Kitesurf
To visit: as Jason said ;)

We are doing a flyout to Duxford with 15 vintage aircrafts Sunday, usually Duxford is not much of a hassle (vs Sywell/Aeroexpo) so should go as planned !

Last Edited by Ibra at 22 Mar 08:54
ESSEX, United Kingdom

We just spent the afternoon in Southend and it is not as bad as you said (tourist’s perspective).
We should be in Duxford tomorrow if weather allows an early departure.
I will be wearing an EuroGA T-shirt, anyone there say hi !

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