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EASA Journey Log requirements

Interesting; many thanks for your report, @Guillaume.

What checking did they do on it?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

They have their own check-list for ramp check so I’m not really sure.
They check if it’s properly filled (including PIC name and signature)

The obvious Q is: how an inspector could “check” a journey log during an inspection.

Obviously he can’t, so he would have to take a photo and then do some verification.

Look you up on FR24?

If one asks that Q regarding the other inspected items, one arrives at procedures which must exist behind the scenes. Otherwise, the whole inspection process is a joke.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Now that you can use electronic products for the journey log, how is the signature requirement fulfilled? How would that ramp check go in France if you just showed the policeman the logs from Skydemon?

Andreas IOM

I reported a ramp check here four years ago. As I wrote, they looked at the journey log for quite a while. However, we don’t sign it and didn’t seem to bother.

EDFM (Mannheim), Germany

I have a reference here stating that the journey log is not required for flights within the UK.

I don’t know if that reference is still current.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Re journey log signature

When in retro mood I sometimes charter a 1970 arrow owned by an older gentleman. The last time I entered „PIC: Name Pilot, Signature“ in the aircraft logbook under the generic/remarks section (which btw was completely empty for all other flight entries, so no tech issue has ever been recorded).

I was subsequently called by said gentleman and he irately asked what’s up „with that terrible scribble“ in his log.
I explained journey log requirements, pic signature etc..
He then went on and asked me to never do that again, as my signature (or rather illegible scribble) might be mistaken for a noted technical squawk and could be seen as something being wrong with the plane, decrease resale value etc.

I then mentioned EASA NCO bla bla to which he replied „yes, yes but this nco is commercial stuff, us private folks don’t need that“.
Enough said ;)

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