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Night Flying

The night flying season is upon us - or it will be properly when the clocks change. I know that flight guides give opening hours but sometimes these are not very up to date. It would be nice to get an idea of those places open in the evening and perhaps be able to plan some night fly outs.

As a starter.

Peterborough Conington open Thursday evenings until 2100 local. Lights and litas - that should get you thinking -are available. PPR required as tight on apron space. Set meal available if ordered in advance - say by lunchtime. Diversion is Leicester (or Cambridge until 2000.)

Anyone else open?

Sleap (EGCV) has night flying, subject to weather permitting every thursday night starting on the 1st November, tel 01939 232882. Real value meals served until 8.30pm. Note Sleap operate under the Shawbury Matz which often has helicopter operations on that night. Shawbury zone 133.150.

Also Wolverhampton (EGBO)opens on a Thursday night, details 01384 221378. Both fields PPR.

EGCV (Sleap)

A few inexpensive places in continental Europe (copying my PPRuNE post plus some extras):

Oostende (EBOS), IFR/VFR, H24, but reasonable prices only 0700-2159 LT: 3 EUR/t, minimum 10 EUR for landing + 3 EUR/t, minimum 10 EUR for takeoff (if EITHER takeoff or landing falls outside these hours, the respective minimum is 100 EUR!)

Li├Ęge (EBLG), IFR/VFR, landing fee 7 EUR/t H24, 12 hours free parking

Luxembourg (ELLX), IFR/VFR, landing fee for MTOW<2t: 0600-2300 - 6.10 EUR, 2301-0000 - 12.20 EUR, 0001-0559 - 18.30 EUR

Stadtlohn/Vreden (EDLS), VFR, holds dedicated flying nights 1-2 times a week. See fees at

Vodochody (LKVO) (Prague), IFR/VFR, landing fee: 0600-2200 - 100 CZK/t (4 EUR/t), 2200-0600 - 300 CZK/t (12 EUR/t); ATC fee for IFR 200 CZK/t (8 EUR/t). Free parking on grass. Immigration/customs 450 CZK (18 EUR) per call.

Vysoke Myto (LKVM), VFR, landing fee 60 CZK/t (2.40 EUR/t) + 200 CZK (8 EUR) per hour of night operation. Immigration/customs 300 CZK (12 EUR) per call

LKBU (near Prague), Czech Republic

What is the situation with handling at Luxembourg?

@Britishchicken - I usually find Shawbury Zone is closed by 17:30 local... do they stay open if there is MIL heli activity?

I will say that the food at Sleap is very good. Is it still curry nights on a Thursday?

And by way of contribution...

Hawarden (EGNR) is open every weekday evening until 21:00 local. PPR essential.

EGTT, The London FIR
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