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Change of address and IMC

I recently moved house, and have a basic PPL to which I'd like to add an IMC rating.

My understanding is that if I send in a change-of-address form, I get an EASA PPL back, with which I may not be able to exercise grandfather rights after 2014 if my IMC rating is attached to it rather than to my JAR PPL. So ideally I'd like to get it sooner rather than later, and attached to my current PPL.

Would I be breaking any laws if I delay sending in a change of address form with my license? In practice, I have my post redirected so I don't anticipate any practical difficulties. e.g. heaven forbid I violate airspace, the CAA would still be able to send me an angry letter and I'd still get it.

The IMC rating will become an IR(R) on the EASA Part-FCL PPL, to enable you to continue to exercise grandfather rights. See this.


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