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Medicine 1 (Slovakia or Wien )

Hello there

I was looking for some hospital which provide health report medicine 1, I m living Bratislava but unfortunately there is not too much hospital. (for pilot healty ) I also checking Wien (Austria) because I m closly there. however I coudn t find. So, in this case I m should know that, İs there anyone has a information for health report (Medicine 1 )

Thank you


Generally, you should get your medical certificate (at least the first one) in the same country that issues your pilot license. As far as I know, the main aeromedical centre in Slovakia is the Military Aviation Hospital in Košice.

LKBU near Prague, Czech Republic

Thank you for information, I heart about Kosice, but it s really far from me but I don t have too much options, so probably I will go Kosice. I m gonna use this report in Czek Republic. the school that they sad it s exceptinal in any Euro hopital report. also I was looking for Wien but I coudn t find.

(I think I opened this topig Wrong chapter , I m sorry about that)

Thanks again.



I know it has been long time but I would like to confess something. I founded aviation Hospital. Firsth, I made rezervation via phone. after that I went to hospital in the morning. When I was talk on the phone about the information hospital and price. that they sad to me, the price 400 Euro for everythink, however during the examiner it wasnt like that. the name is Aero Medical Center.(private hospital ). I passed the firsth healt are examined then they want to 400 euro. moreover they want to plus 480 Euro. 150 euro for eyes check 150 euro for ear and 80 euro send to post diffirent counrty. can you believe that. totaly my exam 880 euro. ı was discussion with that but they sad to me. it was missing understand. so unfurtunately I gave them 880 euro. so please dont go this adress. I just tought you should know that.



Wow! €880!?

Mine costs about €130. You could get a RyanAir flight, a hotel for the night and dinner, get the medical exam here, have a great weekend, and still have a lot of change from your €880!

EIWT Weston

I already gave them , that happened last month. but I could not find hospital for medicine 1. so I had to to this. if I kenw it. probably I would have gone. I m never gonna forget this terrible memory. so that s why I m writing hear. stay away Wien.


To give some fresh info, the list of aeromedical centres in Austria may be found, not at what passes for a Civil Aviation Authority (I called, spoke in English, the woman hanged up ), but at the Austrocontrol website, here:

If you want to know, the Austrian Airlines examiner wants to charge €276 for a Class I renewal. The other option in Vienna is called “Privatklinik” and they actually advertise a different price for “Austrian” and “non-Austrian” citizens, I kid you not:

I know that Austria is a bit of a mafia and the aviation side in particular rather Wild West-ish, but now I’m half-expecting a portrait of the country’s most famous citizen hanging on their wall.

There is a third place, in Salzburg, who were approved earlier this year (2018). Price for an initial Class I is €720 but the lady on the phone had no idea about renewals.

So basically, get on the train to Prague or České Budějovice (Budweis if you’re a German speaker) and get it done for €125. Another option is with the Slovak Air Force hospital as the gentleman above pointed out. The price for a renewal is €153 ( and it is still being done in Košice. More info here if you understand Slovak:

There must be something in Budapest as well, but my Hungarian is not quite up to scratch.

I was thinking of Slovakia (Kosice) when I was considering my class I. A colleague of mine went a few months ago for his, and it was about 250 euros.

LKTB->EGBJ, United Kingdom

Renewal or initial? The (not very readable, but undeniably exhaustive) price list seems to quote €310 for an initial and €153 for a renewal, but there may possibly be other charges that are not included.

you should get your medical certificate (at least the first one) in the same country that issues your pilot license

Can somebody confirm this?

LKHK, Czech Republic
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