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Antwerp EBAW

One reason many Belgians indeed avoid the city is that there’s such a lot of Dutch around Another is that the locals have an extremely bad reputation for thinking very high of themselves. This is of course the case for all burghers of big cities, but Antwerp is less big than some of its people think

Myself avoid the city, too, for the reasons stated, plus that, like most cities today, it is very hard there to find a parking place for my famous campervan. That is even a problem at the airport, where parking is now controlled and for pay. Quite needlessly, IMHO.

As for being so near town: yes, indeeed, but that has its disadvantages too. One training flight took of from 30 (as it was called at the time, shifted to 29 since), the instructor switched off the engine as an exercise, engine wouldn’t come on again, tried the impossible turn back to the airport, crashed on the Diksmuidelaan, both occupants dead. Report is online somewhere at . Another EFATO, a real one this time, ended less unfortunate with a landing on the exit of the ring motorway…

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

I agree that a departure of the city does not leave a lot of room for error.

EDLE, Netherlands

@AeroPlus Thank you for your recommendation of the restaurant. Although I read it too late I will keep it in mind for the next visit. Yes I think there will be one. The city itself was really nice and to eat, it seems there are several good places. Check out the “De Pfeedestal” next time if you are there. Very good food. Finally the departure was easy, friendly taxi-driver, fees on the airport not too expensive with 50,— € for two nights with the Bonananza, only the nearly fully strip we had to do at the security was a little annoying. But I understand them after the things that happend on Brussels airport.

EDDS , Germany
“De Pfeedestal"

Would that have meant “De Peerdestal” (The Horses Stable) perhaps?

But @Aeroplus is quite right: the city is full of nice eateries.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

I have found many airfields, particularly in France, where a lunchtime arrival leads to difficulties. In some places the lunch break is sacred!

Darley Moor, Gamston (UK)

@Neil: arriving at lunch at Antwerp should not be a problem like in France other than that they have a nice lunch restaurant right there at the airport where you could enjoy lunch :-)

EDLE, Netherlands

Would that have meant “De Peerdestal” (The Horses Stable) perhaps?

Of course, that’s the resto I meant. My Belgian is not really fluent.

EDDS , Germany
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