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Random flying photos thread

Flying over and visiting the Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world.

EDLE, Netherlands



Fascinating, when is the book coming out?


Very inspiring!

Paris/Essex, France, , United Kingdom

@gallois haha … I wrote a book which maybe I need to update a bit. See: Crossing Boundaries: How to plan your flight anywhere in the world on

Last Edited by AeroPlus at 05 Jun 11:01
EDLE, Netherlands

I visited Namibia ten years ago. We drove more than 3000km through the country and enjoyed the spectacular scenery. Looking at your pictures I feel we really missed out something and some landscapes are really made to be viewed from the air.

EDQH, Germany

@Clipperstorch those roads there look endless to me. It must have been an adventure anyways.

EDLE, Netherlands

fantastic euro GA scenes and pictures. Would have been worth a trip report thread on it’s own

Not envious at all… really not

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ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland

@Dan I have had the intention to write such a report several times already but then other things and activities got the priority, so that is why I have posted some images of the last part of the trip here. I have more pictures from the first few weeks flying but don’t want to spam you guys. And … maybe some day I will write that report :-)

Last Edited by AeroPlus at 05 Jun 15:43
EDLE, Netherlands

appreciate @AeroPlus. Gotta admit some of those shots are absolute gems, thanks for sharing, sure no spamming for me

Spent quite some time on the African continent professionally myself, and always dreamed of doing some kind of flying safari in the same region. Not been able to do all the flights I have dreamed of, but love to feed on other’s adventures

ain't the Destination, but the Journey
LSZF, Switzerland
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