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Random flying photos thread

This is what most of N France looks like from about FL100-150.. good luck without a GPS!

Just found this good pic of Zell am See, from a trip earlier this year

The Alps – never get tired of them

Another winter photo – only then is the sun low enough during airport opening hours

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Going fom Belgium to Sweden I had to cross Danemark and its ilands, beautiful !
Island Sams√łe


Snowdonia national park on Saturday, looking from just south of Llandudno at FL55. For once the peaks aren’t covered in cloud!

Andreas IOM

IFR arrival into LFPN (Toussus Le Noble), ILS25R from last week. VFR you would have to be further to the south and much lower, so you don’t really get to see Paris.

Coasting out near Shoreham

Le Touquet


Hoover Dam

Wilmslow Crater

View from Sedona Airport

Final at Lyneham :(

Last Edited by stevelup at 12 Aug 13:41

Great photos Steve…..but I have to ask! Is that a GARMIN in the first one!???!!!

EIWT Weston


That was my emergency backup device prior to SD being made available on iOS. I used it for recording track logs as well.

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