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Random flying photos thread

"jwoolard is doing well on two counts: he is flying what looks like a TB20, and he has every pilot's wish (a girl) in the RHS"

I'd much rather have a handsome man in my RHS, lol


Some pictures from our trip to Colonsay and Oban last October:

On the climbout from Prestwick

The crosswind wasn't too bad until about 20 feet over the fence, when it suddenly whipped up to >25 knots. This was my first time going around since my PPL - I realised the reaction wasn't as well trained as it should have been:

jwoolard is doing well on two counts: he is flying what looks like a TB20, and he has every pilot's wish (a girl) in the RHS

Her blonde sister in the back was taking the pictures ;-) She's learning to fly now as well, which I am very proud of.

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Unfortunately with a pressurised cabin it is hard to take good photos.

Isle of Wight outbound

Arriving back in UK overhead Southampton

Also had lowest ever groundspeed on landing at 48 knots. Strong wind right down the runway!

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EGTK Oxford

We were up on Lewes and Islay over the weekend. The trip up over the Highlands and back down along the outer Hebrides was spectacular:

The sound of Harris:



Over Arcachon earlier this evening...


Two posts in succession is a bit greedy, but I like this one, taken yesterday, flying 'my' beloved Jodel in the French countryside....Saint Foy La Grande (LFDF), near Bergerac. A lovely club in the middle of fields and woodland, with the Dordogne nearby. Watch out for wild boars on the runway!

There's an excellent restaurant at the airfield.



EGTK Oxford

Blueberry picking at the waterfalls with my daughter, in northern Ontario today...

A variation on the hundred dollar hamburger!

Home runway, in central Ontario, Canada

Flying in the French Alps

On the approach into Rotterdam airport (EHRD)

On the apron in front of the hangar at Rotterdam airport (EHRD)

Getting high on oxygen. Taken with fisheye lens.

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EDLE, Netherlands

Flying 'over' the Alps inbound Courchevel (LFLJ).

On the Innsbruck East approach.

Short final Courchevel with the Cirrus SR22T.

Mountain flying in the French Alps with a D.140 Mousquetaire.

Landing on Barra beach.

EDLE, Netherlands
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